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Welcome to Let’s Go! Australia, one of the most popular Global Migration resources for skilled families and individuals dreaming of a better life.

All about us
Here at Let’s Go! Global we assist people from all over the World with their Australian Migration plans and pride ourselves on making our clients dreams a reality.

We are Australian Immigration through and through
Immigration is not just one of many legal practice areas under a common brand, we are 100% dedicated to our sector and the information we provide.

Global reach on a local level
We pride ourselves on being accessible. This means our editors and Immigration professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assess your Visa Assessment and make the right onward referrals. We communicate on whichever platform suits you best, be it phone, email or Skype and operate through our virtual Center of Excellence. We never take a fee for making our referrals and do so on a ‘best fit’ basis.

Trusted support
Businesses and Individuals can rely on our proven Immigration pathways and support.

About Lets Go Global Personalized attention
Work with the same professionals from start to finish who take the time to know you and your individual circumstances.

Lets Go Global Flexible service delivery
Whether you are looking to relocate your entire team, or need individual bespoke advice, we can scale to your requirements accordingly.

About Lets Go Global simplified billing
We discuss our fee estimates up front and bill only when work commences on a fixed fee basis.

Access your professional anytime, anywhere
Our proprietary, web-based technology gives you and your employees 24/7 access to your Immigration professionals. We advocate direct communication lines to the people managing your case and because we are geographically diverse our global office never closes. Late night in one part of the World is Early Morning in another.

Lets Go Global experts are ethically sound
Ethics are the core of our business and we are committed to delivering best practice and sound integrity. As well as taking a ‘gloves off’ approach in terms of your Professional Representation we pride ourselves on being the most friendly, honest and approachable teams in the Migration Industry. The Lets Go Global client services teams and are tasked with taking all stress and worry out of your application from start to finish.

It really does go without saying that we only take on cases where our experts are personally confident of a successful conclusion and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are proud of our visa successes and resilience in the pursuit of our client’s emigration ambitions.

We are an agile and streamlined online network of professionals who truly embrace the Let’s Go! spirit. We utilize the latest IT technology to communicate and work effectively and efficiently on behalf of our clients. We are far from ‘traditional’ and don’t limit our client service to ‘old world’ stuffy offices and bureaucracy.


Our associate teams work across multiple migration hubs and timezones and you can rest assured that we unite to bring the best possible level of care and expertise to your case.


Understanding Your Skills & Talking Your Language
Our teams all have a diverse Skills Set, In addition to our Center of Excellence providing the most up to date information on all occupations we also have a number of strategically placed industry specialists; Those who can provide expert knowledge on Professions such as Accounting, Teaching, Engineering, Medical, Electrical and all Skilled Trades.

Once we get to know you and can confirm your eligibility we’ll allocate the most suitable MARA Agent or Australian Lawyer to handle your case.

About Lets Go Global affiliations
We work with a select number of MARA Consultants in Australia matching the right agents & lawyers to your unique circumstances on a case by case basis. We don not work with any affiliated third parties.

About Lets Go Global Relocation Services
We are constantly reviewing our panel of relocation suppliers who have been handpicked to provide the very best level of relocation services from shipping through to accommodation, recruitment, banking, taxback to name only a few.

For a free initial consultation take our online visa assessment today.


Let’s Go! Global, the loveliest brand in Australian Migration