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Here at Lets Go Global Australia Immigration Consultants, we pride ourselves on having a truly international footprint and our information is relevant for individuals, families and businesses from all over the World.


We are an agile and streamlined network of professionals who truly embrace the Let’s Go! spirit. We are far from ‘traditional’ and don’t limit our client service to ‘old world’ stuffy offices and bureaucracy.


Lets Go Global
3 Hardman Square
M3 3EB


We embrace a culture of travel and live what we preach. We are taking an interruptive approach to Migration Information. Our collective mentality and International outlook rejects the notion of the ‘daily commute’ and to work in a cramped office on an industrial estate would both destroy our soul and limit the international talent we employ.


Our structure is unique and we are the first truly Online International Migration Consultancy. Our plans are bold and not limited to one particular market. We are proud of our approach, of our client dedication, and we are excited about the future.


An online network is just that, it means we have fewer overheads and can in turn pass these cost savings through to clients.


We advocate direct communication lines to the people managing your case and because we are geographically diverse our global office never closes. Late night in one part of the World is Early Morning in another.


Our teams work across multiple migration hubs and timezones and you can rest assured that we unite to bring the best possible level of care and expertise to your case. Read more about our unique online service that lets us keep our prices competitive without compromising on exceptional service.


If you’re considering emigrating to Australia take our online visa assessment in the first instance. We will review your assessment and make the right referral within our network.


For existing clients please contact your dedicated account manager directly.


Migrate to Australia

Migrate to Australia