Teaching Australia

Teaching Australia
Emigrating to Australia if often one of the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling life experiences for teachers although it can be one of the most daunting. Rest assured that all the team here at Lets Go Global have been through the same process that you are about to embark on. It is a complex path, of that there is no doubt, yet it is also a well trodden one, as thousand’s of qualified teachers before you will attest.

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To emigrate to Australia is a serious and complex legal process and one which is essential to get right first time for visa refusals and rejections can lead to serious delays and possible permanent exclusion.

We are the only Company dedicated specifically to assisting qualified teachers to emigrate to Australia and our role as your provider is one we take incredibly seriously. We understand the time sensitive nature of your move and will seek to tie in visa acceptance with resignation cut off dates – allowing you the maximum time.

How to move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher

So where do we fit in?
Our mission is to help you through the complex immigration process and beyond. We take all the paperwork away from you, leaving you free to concentrate on the fun aspects of your move. All we will ever need from you is the right information at the right time and leave the rest up to our Teaching Australia team.

From Skills assessment, arranging your registration to teach, submitting the very best expression of interest and of course the eventual application we currently have a 100% success rate – and we’re not about to lose this anytime soon.

What about employment?
After your positive Skills Assessment we will assist you with recruitment giving you as much lead time as possible to secure a great opportunity teaching in Australia. Rest assured that whatever your background or experience level we operate right across the spectrum from newly qualified teachers right through the school structure and beyond.

Our bespoke Teaching Australia package is the only one dedicated to qualified teachers and is designed to assist with either 189 or 190 Permanent Residency.

We take care of the whole process for you and your family, right the way through to Citizenship

We work look after all the paperwork, red tape and bureaucracy leaving you free to plan the move

Our Teaching Australia specialists are all highly qualified individuals

We liaise with the Australian Immigration Authorities and vigorously represent your migration rights

Assist tirelessly on your behalf in terms of Recruitment

Take our free assessment today to check your eligibility to emigrate to Australia

We are the Teaching Australia experts.

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Jane Njoma is an Australia Migration Agent who has many years of work experience as an Australian Migration Consultant and runs Lets Go Emigrate Australia as a Free Resource for Information on Immigrating to Australia. Jane believes in broader global access to Australian Immigration information and provides the information free of charge and making it available to the greatest number of people worldwide.