Nursing Australia

Nursing Australia

As a qualified Nurse your skills are very much in demand in Australia. So much that most Nursing Occupation Codes are on Schedule One of the Australian Skilled Occupations List. This list represents only the most desirable occupations for Emigrating to Australia. essentially, being on this list is the first stage in assessing your eligibility to move to Australia. All occupations on the MLTSSL are Permanent Residency Occupations, meaning that Visa holders (and their families) can live and work in Australia without restriction.

What Nursing Occupations Are Eligible To Emigrate to Australia?
Most Nursing specializations are eligible to Emigrate. Please see the following occupation codes from the MLTSSL as they relate to Nursing Occupations.

Nurse Practitioner
Registered Nurse specializing in Aged Care
Registered Nurse specializing in Child and Family Health
Registered Nurse (Community Health)
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
Registered Nurse (Development Disability)
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehab)
Registered Nurse (Medical)
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
Registered Nurse (Surgical)
Registered Nurse (not elsewhere classified)
Paramedics Australia

Are My Qualifications Valid For Nursing Australia?
The Australian Migration process for nurses requires that all potential Highly Skilled Migrants meet the criteria laid down by various different Australian Government agencies (and those that are licensed by the Dept. of Immigration). With this in mind it is of paramount importance that you have a Bachelor Degree level qualification (or equivalent).

Nurses that qualified with different level of educational achievements are unlikely to meet the criteria to enter the Australian Nursing register and are unlikely to pass the Skills Assessment required to apply for Migration. This includes Diploma qualified Nurses without a top up Degree although even with a top up degree the process of emigrating to Australia will be slightly different. We’ve discussed Nursing in Australia with a Diploma and top up Degree in depth here.

Nurses with qualifications in pediatrics, mental health or disability that fall short of Degree level may however be eligible to apply and this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How Does The Affect Various Countries?
Applicants with qualifications from many Countries are unlikely to pass the stringent criteria checks laid down for Australian Immigration.

What is The Process For Emigrating To Australia as a Nurse?
Nursing Australia is a complex process yet a well trodden path for thousands of Nurses before you. Our Medical Migration experts are ideally placed to assist you through the process, taking care of your entire Immigration and Relocation from start to finish, including arranging your Professional Registration should you require. The Lets Go! Medical Migration team also work closely with dedicated Nursing Recruitment and Placement specialists thus providing a complete 360 Premium Migration Solution.

We have explored many elements to your potential Nursing Australia migration application in this section including a guide to the Nursing Skills Assessment process. A high level overview of the Nursing Australia process is as follows.

Stage One Nursing Australia
Check your eligibility! Whilst its of paramount importance that you have an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List there are many other key criteria that make up the overall Australian Immigration Matrix; Factors such as age all play an important role.To check your eligibility online take our free visa assessment.

Stage Two Nursing Australia
Once eligibility to emigrate has been established the process starts to get a little more complex. In the first instance potential Nurses to Australia must have their Skills Assessed by the Assessment Authority relevant to their occupation code. In this instance the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council will conduct your Skills Assessment. Please do remember to take your IELTS (Academic Version) as part of your Nursing Skills Assessment.

Stage Three Nursing Australia
Once a positive Skills Assessment has been received an Expression of Interest must be lodged via the SkillSelect gateway.

Stage Four Nursing Australia
With your positive Skills Assessment and a lodged Expression of Interest (“EOI”) now is the time to start applying for Nursing jobs in Australia. This will give you the longest lead time between your EOI being lodged and your eventual call forward.

Final Stage Nursing Australia
Congratulations, at this stage your Immigration application will be approved in principle and you will be called forward to apply. You will be assigned an Immigration case officer and it is now time to conduct medicals and Police check. This stage is also the time to start your Nursing Registration with AHPRA.

Lets Go! Global love representing Nurses throughout the Migration process. As Premium Medical Migration Specialists not only do we talk your language, we also pride ourselves in exceeding client expectations.

That said though there are no shortcuts to the Immigration process, there are no workarounds and it is a time consuming process. It’s not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged! Having collectively assisted the Medical Professions emigrate to Australia for many years we are acutely aware of the emotions our clients go through.

Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

We offer all Nurses a free consultation with a Medical Migration expert. This consultation is free, friendly and without obligation. During this 30 minute free consultation we will work out the best migration pathway solution and go through all costs, charges and expectations.

The Nursing Australia team at Lets Go! remain at your disposal.

Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

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