How to Emigrate to Australia

How to emigrate to Australia

  1. Identify Occupation on the MLTSSL or STSOL Lists
  2. Secure a Positive Skills Assessment
  3. Submit an Expression of Interest
  4. Take IELTS
  5. Apply for State Nomination
  6. Receive an Invitation
  7. Pay Government Fees
  8. Get Police Checks
  9. Do Medicals
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how to emigrate to australia as a teacher

Teachers are in demand across Australia in a variety of roles and both Primary and Secondary teachers are on the CSOL Occupation in demand lists. There are a few caveats; you need either a Bachelors in Education, A four year education course or an Undergraduate Degree and a PGCE. For more information on how to emigrate to Australia as a Teacher check out our complete Teaching Migration Guide


how to emigrate to australia from india


Take our free visa assessment and emigrate from India to Australia. As long as you have the right skills, experience and qualifications there is nothing to stop you emigrating from India to Australia on a Permanent Residency Visa.


how to emigrate to australia without skills

In an ideal word you’ll have a relevant qualification that corresponds to your nominated occupation to be able to pass Skills Assessment In some cases you can have your previous experience recognised although it takes longer, and will cost more than if you have the right qualifications. You can also take advantage of the many student visa options for Australia should you wish to formalise your skills in country.


Contact us today to discuss your options and explore the possibilities for emigrating to Australia without skills. This advice is also relevant to the question “how to emigrate to australia with no qualifications”


how to emigrate to australia as a nurse


We love our nurse clients and have a 100% success rate. Check out our full guide as to how to move to Australia as a Nurse and then take our free visa assessment to find out your options.


how to emigrate to australia from Ireland


There are many well established migration routes form Ireland to Australia and we have significant expertise emigrating people from Ireland to Australia. Apply to emigrate to Australia today


how to emigrate to australia with a family


You only technically need to make one PR application and the rights and privileges awarded to the main Australia visa holder are then automatically gifted to the rest of your family. We’ve put together a great guide to emigrating to Australia with children helping to make the transition easier on your family.

how to emigrate to australia from usa

Many Americans are waking up to the idea of emigrating to Australia and we have successfully moved over 300 USA based families Down Under. The US education and qualification system is a little different to other places in the World although of equal comparison making emigrating to Australia frojm the USA a very viable option. Complete our free visa assessment tool and we’ll get back to you immediately.

how to emigrate to australia from Canada

A significant number of Canadians are exploring their Australian Emigration options and are ideally placed to make the transition. We have a dedicated team set up to work with Canadians looking to emigrate to Australia.

how to emigrate to australia over 50

how to emigrate to australia without a trade

Its not just tradespeople that can emigrate to australia! In fact, there are over 300 occupations that are currently eligible to emigrate to Australia on Permanent Residency visas.

how to emigrate to australia from south Africa

how to emigrate to australia from uk

We’ve put together a guide specifically for those looking to emigrate to Australia from the UK.

how many points to emigrate to Australia

65 points are required to emigrate to Australia. In the case of Accountants the total points requirement increases to 65. Calculate your migration points.

how much money emigrate Australia

Emigrate to Australia

How to Emigrate to Australia

Emigrating to Australia is surprisingly affordable and for the legal process should cost no more than it would taking a three week holiday to OZ. See how much it will cost to emigrate to Australia

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