Emigrate To Australia From South Africa

Emigrate to Australia from South Africa

We specialize in Australian Immigration from South Africa and have successfully assisted many South African Residents make the move to Australia.

First published in 2015 this article has been updated for 2019, 2020 and 2021

We are one of the World’s Premium Migration Consultancies with offices in Europe and South Africa so you can be sure your application is backed up by significant Global Knowledge on a local level.


Our South Africa to Australia team understand your unique requirements and motivation for Emigrating to Australia. It will come as no surprise to learn that what drives skilled and professional clients to move to Australia is very different to what drives people from other parts of the World.

For our South African clients their Migration is about security, peace of mind, political stability and the absolute drive to create a better and more stable environment for themselves and their families. Where children are involved the need to emigrate is a strong one and we are ideally placed to assist.

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Can I Emigrate To Australia From South Africa?

If we can get you there we will. We won’t commit to represent a client until after we have conducted a full (free) consultation. During this friendly consultation we’ll be discussing your skills, education and motivations with a view to confirming your eligibility to emigrate and devising your unique and bespoke Australian Immigration Pathway Solution.

What visas are available to Emigrate to Australia from South Africa

We are particularly keen to hear from applicants with occupations on the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills list including, but certainly not limited to

Gas Fitters
Panel Beaters

And all skilled trades covered by the South African Red Seal Qualifications.

South African Skilled Trades are in huge demand in Australia and we have south african skilled trades specialists standing by to assist. We find having these South African Qualification experts really does help when it comes to building the very best case possible.

We’re also really keen to hear from Nurses, High School Teachers as well as Early Years, Childcare Center Managers, IT Professionals, Engineers and everything in between.

Emigrate to Australia from South Africa without an MLTSSL Occupation

If you’ve an occupation on the STSSL and not the MLTSSL then please do take our Free Visa Assessment and we’ll be delighted to see if we can assist during a free consultation.

Free Visa Assessment

New for 2019: The Northern Territory has launched a unique local immigration platform to attract migrants from a raft of other lesser skilled occupations, as long as they are commited to live in the Northern territories for three years and of course, happy to work hard to make their Australian dreams a reality.

What are the Visa Requirements to Emigrate to Australia from South Africa?

South African citizens are uniquely placed to Emigrate to Australia.

If you’ve an occupation on the MLTSSL then, providing you can score 65 points on the Australian Immigration points matrix, you could be awarded a 189 Permanent Residency Visa. This 189 visa class is the most coveted of Australia’s visas as it allows holders (and their South African families) to live and work in Australia without restriction, access education, medicare and also convert directly into Australian Citizenship.

Closely following the 189 visa class for those looking to emigrate to Australia from South Africa is the 190. The 190 Visa subclass has an element of state nomination and requires that South African holders of this visa live and work in the nominating state for a period of two years.

After the two year period holders of the 190 class are free to live and work anywhere and the rest of this visa class benefits are the same as the 189 outlined above, including the right to convert into full Australian Citizenship.

To be eligible for a 190 visa you’ll need:

an occupation on either the MLTSSL or the STSOL
to be under 45 years of age
score a minimum of 65 points on the Australian Points Matrix
have a positive skills assessment in your Profession, Trade or Occupation
lodge an Expression of Interest
sit and pass your IELTS English test if applicable
receive an invitation to apply for your visa

Alternatively, simply leave this process to us and our in country partners, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to plan all the other exciting elements as you emigrate to Australia from South Africa.

Each and every assessment to emigrate to Australia from is South Africa Australia is hand reviewed. We don’t use any fancy computer programs.

It may well be the case that your occupation in South Africa is named differently to the Australian classification framework so simply leave this to us and our partners.

What about my South African Qualifications?

Again, leave this to us, usually South African qualifications, (trade, technical, professional and University) are classed differently on the Australian Educational Framework and we will be best placed to identify this.

What are the benefits of Permanent Residency? Can I get an Australian Passport?
We specialize in Australian Permanent Residency and have successfully assisted many of South Africans Emigrate to Australia. With PR status you and your family can:

Live & work in Australia (your visas are not tied to any employer)
Access Medicare
Access education
Buy property
And essentially do all the things that a Citizen can do apart from vote.

Permanent Residency is designed to convert to full Citizenship and Dual Nationality after four years.

Can my family immigrate to Australia with me from South Africa?

Yes, your spouse and dependent children can emigrate to Australia on your visa. We only ever need to make one application and it may well be that your spouse or partner has a more eligible occupation.

We will cover all this and more during your free consultation. It doesn’t matter if you’re not married because Australia will accept your partner regardless of marriage provided certain criteria can be met.

I want to Emigrate to Australia from South Africa!
It will be our absolute pleasure. Take our free online assessment today as the first steps towards your migration. Our assessments are always free and without obligation.

Migrate to Australia From South Africa

Migrate to Australia From South Africa

Free Visa Assessment

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