Moving To Australia

Moving To Australia


If you’re looking at emigrating to Australia in 2021, or have been seriously thinking about it for some time then you’ve come to the right place!Lets Go! Global are Upscale & Premium Migration Consultants for discerning individuals and families from all over the World. Client care and a fanatical fixation on a successful outcome for our clients underpins everything we do.

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To emigrate to Australia is a complex business these days; Long gone are the days of ‘free for all’ migration policies. In it’s place is a very demanding, rigorous and complicated legal process put in place by the Australian Government to ensure that only the very best applicants and cases get called forward to emigrate.

This is where we come in. The Emigrate to Australia Immigration Specialists at Lets Go! Global are highly skilled in making emigration dreams come true. We talk your language and are often referred to as the most friendly, approachable and professional team in the Industry. We only have one aim; The successful migration of yourself and your loved ones (even your pets!).

The migration process to Australia is demanding both mentally and financially which is why our clients love our straight talking approach. We cut through the jargon and explain the process in clear, manageable steps.

The first step in the process is to take our online assessment – it’s free and will always stay this way. Your assessment is then reviewed by a real person – you won’t find any silly computer programs here! This review will take into account all of the answers to your questions so please be as full and as honest as possible.

We operate a strict privacy policy and what you tell us is only ever between us and you. If, on the face of it we think in our professional opinion that you could have a viable case we will arrange a free consultation with you to talk to you in more detail.

Our first challenge is to place your occupation on one of the Occupation Lists. we will talk to you in depth about your role and qualifications in order that we place you under the right code. We have expertise and experience in most occupations, from the Professions and Skilled Trades to Medical specialisations including Nursing, IT, Teaching, Engineering and everything in between!

We love finding out about you, the more we know at this stage the better.

We will explain the process and together with you work out the best and most viable personal emigrate to Australia pathway and assist with all professional or trade licenses and registrations as well as shipping, claiming your tax back, assisting with finding employment and all the relocation services you would expect.

We are absolutely transparent on costs and timeframe and will discuss these with you in detail. We believe in the old saying that ‘forewarned is most definitely forearmed’ and go to great lengths to ensure that you don’t receive any shocks or surprises along the way.

The team at Lets Go! do things differently and we prefer to take our time with each potential client. It is vital that you get the process right first time and because we don’t take on every client, you will know that you have passed the first stages of our stringent eligibility checks.

If you have been considering and emigrate to Australia move for some time take our free and secure online assessment today and leave it to us to get you ‘Down Under’. Click here to take your assessment

Emigrate to Australia with the experts – don’t leave your dreams to chance.

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