Paramedics Australia 2023

emigrate to australia as a paramedic

Paramedics Australia 2023

Paramedics Australia 2023

As a qualified Paramedic your skills are wanted in Australia. The Let’s Go! Global Medical Migration team has a dedicated Paramedics Australia specialist assisting qualified paramedics immigrate to Australia.

If you’re a qualified Paramedic or Ambulance Officer take our Free Visa Assessment, without obligation to check your chances of moving to Australia.

Our Paramedics Australia team focuses on immigrating these suitably qualified and trained Paramedics to Australia on Permanent Residency Visas. Emigrating on a PR visa means holders can live and work in Australia, access Medicare and education and sponsor other applicants for Permanent residency after two years.

The biggest advantage in terms of PR Visas for Paramedics is that PR is designed to lead to Citizenship after four years and whilst it’s classed as a ‘Permanent’ Visa it’s clearly only as Permanent as you choose to make it.

Some people use PR visas for a few years before returning to their home country whilst for others it’s the first route on their journey to Australian Citizenship.

Paramedics Australia are eligible for the 190 PR Visa and the 489 regional visa (leading eventually to PR status) although not every state and territory in Australia has demand for new Paramedics and Ambulance Officers:

South Australia is open for Paramedics moving to Australia and the Capital of South Australia, Adelaide is a very popular lifestyle choice.

Global and UK paramedics moving to Australia can head to Tasmania and its capital Hobart.

In addition Western Australia is very much open to immigration from Paramedics moving to Australia.

Other states and territories are currently closed to immigration from paramedics and we expect this situation to remain relatively constant as we move into 2017. No paramedics Australia immigration codes are red flagged for removal although we do fear further State by State localised immigration policy changes to further restrict the amount of paramedics who are technically eligible to emigrate.

The current immigration advice then from our Paramedics Australia specialist is to engage in the process as soon as eligibility is established by choosing a migration agent and getting your project underway. Moving to Australia as a Paramedic can take anything up to two years with many criteria being recorded not at the start of your application but at the end.

Paramedics Australia
In order to move to Australia as a Paramedic we must first satisfy the key immigration criteria:

Be under 45 years of age
Score 65 points on the Migration Points Calculator
Be able to pass a professional skills assessment for either Intensive care Ambulance Paramedic or Ambulance Officer

Your Paramedics Australia Skills Assessment is a paper based exercise whereby we need to prove to the assessment authority your ID, your skills, qualifications and experience. As a minimum you’ll be expected to hold an NVQ Level 3 or equivalent as well as any technical specialist qualifications gained through additional courses or CPD.

Before our paramedics Australia team compile and submit your skills assessment they’ll work closely with you to identify which of the two related codes on the CSOL to submit your assessment under. There are currently two overlapping Australia Immigration codes for people with Paramedic skills:


Both codes are very closely linked (as can be seen by the code number 411111 and 411112) and Australia Immigration ask for the following broad Paramedics Australia responsibilities to be evidenced in addition to the NVQ Level 3 or :

Attending emergencies
Health assessments, triage and determining any specialized needs
Administering drugs
Executing life-support therapies and equipment
Emergency patent transport
Educating the Community about general first aid procedures
Being present at sporting and other events
Non mechanical ambulance maintenance i.e. that equipment is well maintained
Post emergency reporting paperwork noting injuries and treatment delivered

As part of your paramedics Australia skills assessment we’ll need copies of the following as a minimum:

Paramedic Educational awards
Accompanying transcripts
Details of Paramedic supervised training
Awards from any relevant CPD
Salary advice slips
Full and detailed CV

A positive skills assessment for global and UK paramedics moving to Australia is mandatory before lodging an Expression of Interest and also serves as validating all you skills, experience and qualifications so you can work in Australia as a Paramedic.

Australia Paramedic Salary
In Australia the role of Paramedic tends to be well rewarded financially, and whereas in many other countries those in public service tend to earn less the further they reside form cities in Australia the opposite can be proven to be true, with Flying Doctors and Paramedics earning well above average. There’s also the possibility of working offshore in the natural resource sector as an oil rig or mine shaft Paramedic which again, brings increased financial earning capacity.

The average salary for a Paramedic in Australia can be broken down into three bands or tiers, much like most other developed nations in the World.

Australia Paramedic Salary for juniors : $93,866 AUD
Australia Paramedic Salary for Mid-level : $103,566 AUD
Australia Paramedic Salary for 10yrs+ : $109,877 AUD

Australia paramedic jobs
Let’s Go! Global medical migration has considerable success with securing jobs for our private migration clients by utilizing contacts built up over many years successfully moving paramedics to Australia. Our paramedic recruitment services are designed to complement your own job search function and together we’ll make a great team.

When applying for Australia paramedic jobs it’s important to remember that employer sponsored 457 visas (with full relocation) are few and far between and making speculative applications ahead of a positive skills assessment or PR visa being granted often leads to frustration and rejection.

If you’re a UK Paramedic Emigrating to Australia we’d love to hear from you. Our medical migration team has a 100% success rate emigrating UK paramedics to Australia and often in record timeframes. Take our free paramedics Australia visa assessment to check your eligibility and more information on our British paramedics in Australia Immigration Program.

If you’re a Paramedic moving to Australia from the USA, Europe, China or Japan your Australian Immigration plans also have an exceptionally high level of success rate when compared to many other occupations.

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Jane Njoma is an Australia Migration Agent who has many years of work experience as an Australian Migration Consultant and runs Lets Go Emigrate Australia as a Free Resource for Information on Immigrating to Australia. Jane believes in broader global access to Australian Immigration information and provides the information free of charge and making it available to the greatest number of people worldwide.