Move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher

Move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher

Move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher

Emigrate to Australia as a Primary School Teacher

Despite many changes and updates to the Australian Skilled Occupations List over the past few years it is still possible to move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher.

If you are a Primary School Teacher as opposed to an Early Years Teacher then you fall under Primary School Teacher Australia ANZSCO Code 2412-13.

Let’s Go! Global have a dedicated Teaching Australia desk who only represent Primary, Secondary and Early Years teachers looking to move to Australia. Our full suite service covers all elements of your migration to Australia including:

Skills Assessment
Expression of Interest
Formal Visa Application
Employment assistance where appropriate
Local State Teaching Registration
Assistance with opening bank accounts
Claiming a good proportion of your domestic income tax back when you leave
Access to our No Visa No Fee refund guarantee

Steps to move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher
It’s a little harder than it once was and we must approach this project with the right tenacity and mind-set.

Primary School Teacher is now an STSOL Occupation which means that the top tier 189 Visa is no longer an option. However, the State Nominated 190 Visa is still a great option and brings Permanent Residency status to its holders and their families. The 489 Visa is an option towards Permanent Residency although is technically a temporary four year visa in the first instance.

Criteria to move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher ANZSCO Code 2412-13
Ensure you can score a minimum of 65 Migration Points (contact us for any questions here)
Secure a positive Skills Assessment from the AITSL (we can take this over for you)
Lodge an Expression of Interest
There is no guarantee that you’ll receive an invitation to apply although we find that cases which are well planned, structured and executed usually receive the right results.

How to move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher with State Nomination
As mentioned above Primary Teachers are on the STSOL List and the following territories are currently backing Primary School Teaching Permanent Residency Visas:

Northern Territory
South Australia
Victoria (Melbourne)

Move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher Skills Assessment Checklist
The first milestone in your move to Australia project is to secure a positive skills assessment from the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership also known in short as the AITSL.

The Let’s Go! Global Teacher Migration desk will work closely with you in the preparation and submission of your Skills Assessment. We currently have a 100% success rate with Teaching Skills assessments since January 2015 and amazing reviews. We will never submit until we are positive of securing a successful outcome. We’ll be working closely with you to provide evidence of:

Language (if required)

The Skills Assessment fee for Primary School Teachers levied by the AITSL is $635 AUD payable directly to the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership. It usually takes between 12 and 20 weeks from the Assessment body receiving a completed bundle for them to process and reach a decision.

What’s the difference between a Primary Teacher in Australia and an Early Years Teacher
Primarily this comes down to the nature of your teaching qualifications and the age ranges taught during your training. As a primary teacher moving to Australia you will be expected to be able to satisfy the following key immigration criteria at Skills Assessment.

Four year Bachelor of Education Degree and at least a minimum of 45 days supervised teaching
Bachelor Degree + Post Graduate Certificate of Education and at least a minimum of 45 days supervised teaching.

For clients based outside of the UK such as the USA and Europe most teaching qualifications are by default four year Education based Degrees.

To be classed as an Early Years teacher you will be extended to demonstrate a Bachelor degree or an equivalent early years teaching qualification at degree or post degree level.

Additionally we’ll need to work to demonstrate between 60 and 80 days supervised teaching equating to at least 10 days teaching age 0-2 years, and an equal distribution of the remaining days between 2-5 years and 5+year olds.

All teachers in the Primary sector who don’t fit the above Early Years Criteria will be classed as Primary Teachers for the purpose of moving to Australia.

Unfortunately three year degrees and other routes into teaching not specified above are currently not recognised in Australia and as such are unable to apply to emigrate.

If I move to Australia as a Primary Teacher Can I work with other age ranges
Yes of course, much like the current situation in the UK Europe and the America’s many qualified teachers end up teaching different age ranges. It is however a matter between you and your employer.

How does a Primary Teacher Move to Australia who has been teaching only Secondary Education
In the same way as outlined here although unless your training is in Secondary teaching you can’t be classed as a Secondary Teacher. There is no real inherent issue here, you are after all still a qualified primary school teacher although you may not receive the same number of experience points because the AITSL and Immigration will be looking for direct experience linked to your nominated Primary Teacher Occupation Code.

Feel Free to Take Our Online Visa Assessment for a clear and objective assessment of your migration chances, pathway and project outline. Rest assured the online visa assessment places you under no obligation one way or another.

Employer Sponsored Visa for Primary Teachers moving to Australia
Many Primary School Teachers moving to Australia examine the Employer Sponsored Route although in 2017 (and for many years previously) less than 0.5% of Primary School Teachers emigrating to Australia have secured an Employer Sponsored Visa. This is in no way representative of their skills in general, more a result of demand, supply and the fact that it’s now a, STSOL Occupation. Further, employers now have a whole host of hurdles they must overcome before being allowed to sponsor a new member of staff.

Please also remember that even if you secure a Primary School Teaching Visa then it is unlikely it will come with relocation or accommodation assistance.

Whilst we will never dissuade someone from attempting this path we do always recommend those primary teachers that are serious about immigrating to Australia to consider the Permanent residency Visa pathways available.

Primary Teaching in Australia Salary
Australia is such a huge Country that obviously salaries across the Continent do vary between areas and whilst the average salary for a Primary School Teacher is $58,887 AUD per year those moving to Perth can expect an 11% increase on the average, Primary School Teachers moving to Sydney can expect to receive 4% more than the National average whilst Primary Teachers in Adelaide should be prepared to experience a salary 10% behind the National Primary Teaching Pay Scale average.

Obviously experience and specialist skills have an effect on job levels and here at Let’s Go! Global we are of the firm opinion that clients should never ‘sell themselves short’ when it comes to applying for equivalent or better roles than they are in at home. There is simply no need to apply for a lesser role simply because you are emigrating to Australia and you’ll generally find that your skills and experience are in high demand.

Does a Primary School Teacher Need IELTS to Move to Australia
It’s an interesting question especially since people in general are surprised to learn that Teachers have exam nerves just like the rest of us!

If you have four years of tertiary level education conducted in English then there’s no need to take IELTS for your Skills Assessment with the AITSL. However, from a pure points perspective we find that teachers tend to do exceptionally well on their IELTS exam thus securing a lovely extra 20 points for their Teaching Australia Visa Application.

Next Steps to Move to Australia as a Primary School Teacher
If you’re a Primary School Teacher seriously considering moving to Australia we would be delighted to hear from you and offer free initial consultations with a dedicated Teacher Migration Specialist.

Free Visa Assessment & Consultation

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