How to Emigrate to Australia as a Welder 2023

emigrate to australia as a welder

How to Emigrate to Australia as a Welder 2023

How to Emigrate to Australia as a Welder

Updated for 2023

As a qualified welder your opportunities for global migration are strong, especially when it comes to moving to Australia where you’ll find you may be eligible for the top tier Australian Permanent residency Visas; the 189 or 190 subclass.

One of the common questions we get asked is how to emigrate to Australia as a Welder so we asked one of our resident ‘Downunder Tradies’ experts to explain how to move to OZ as a welder.

The general caveats of Skilled Migration and Permanent Residency applications are relevant here, just as they do to all other occupation codes under the PR Australia Immigration pathway.

You will need to be under 45 and able to score at least 65 points on the Australian Immigration Points calculator although providing you can do that it’s time to examine just how to emigrate to Australia as a welder.

What welders are wanted in Australia?
There are a few different types of welding specializations currently in demand in Australia and each category comes with its own alternative job titles, specializations and Visa Eligibility. However, the most popular class of welder moving to Australia falls under ANZSCO Immigration code 332313 and we have also explained 322311 Metal Fabricator Welder and 322312 Pressure Welder codes later on in this article.

322313 – Welder (First Class)
Eligible for Permanent Residence in Australia
189 Visa: eligible
190 Visa: eligible
489 Visa: eligible

Welder First Class Meaning
Lots of Australian Immigration resources refer to Welder (First Class) which leads some readers to question what exactly a first class welder is. The meaning of the term Welder (First Class) is the same in many other countries in the world where they’re generally known as structural steel and welding workers.

Welders of this type are capable of cutting, shaping, joining and soldering metals for large and small projects. First Class Welders in Australia can be found in a variety of industries and settings including ship building, major engineering projects (railways and bridges), construction, mining and of course in much smaller settings such as furniture manufacturing.

When considering how to emigrate to Australia as a welder (first class) do consider there are many other job titles that qualify for the 322313 immigration code and you may be known currently as a TIG Welder, MIG Welder, Special Class Welder, Fabrication Welder, Steel Welder or as a Welding Trades Worker.

There are a number of Sponsoring States in Australia for 322313 Welder (First Class) and at 2016 / 2017 the following States were encouraging 190 State Visa applications:
New South Wales
Northern territory
South Australia

Requirements to be a Welder in Australia through Immigration
Qualification Requirements on how to emigrate to Australia as a Welder First Class 322313 are as stringent as you’d expect them to be elsewhere in the World.

The Australian educational requirement for Welders is the AQF Certificate III including at least 2 years of hands-on training, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3) and we need a process called ‘Skills Assessment’ to match your current foreign welding credentials against this Australian Educational Framework.

Therefore, in the UK you will be expected to be either TIG or MIG Qualified to NVQ Level III status. Canadian and South African Welders thinking of moving to Australia should be Red Seal Qualified and Welders from across Europe and Russia should have the relevant local qualifications preferably gained by completing an apprenticeship.

Your ‘foreign’ credentials are then assessed by the Skills Assessment body to be ‘comparable’ to their Australian counterparts.

Welder First Class Skills Assessment
When considering how to move to Australia as a Welder your Skills Assessment will be the first major milestone in the project. In this instance the assessment body is Trades Recognition Australia and it’s their role to verify your identity, qualifications and experience.

The Skills Assessment for all types of welders is tough and the paperwork stage can seem very daunting.

There may be a need to do either a practical assessment or more commonly a skype based technical interview as the final stage of the welding Skills Assessment.

Welder First Class Skills Assessment Interview
As mentioned, the final stage of skills assessment will either be a practical or technical interview where the Skills Assessment body will be looking to probe your knowledge on one or all of the following topics:

-Your ability to follow blueprints and specifications to work out the requirements of a job
-Experience in selecting and preparing metal stock
-The level of ability you have when it comes to cutting marked sections and shapes using hand tools, flame cutting torches and cutting machines
-Expertise in shaping and bending metal sections and pipes using hand tools, machine tools, and though heating and hammering
-Experience in aligning parts to be joined using tools
-Your ability in joining metal sections using various welding techniques
-Your ability in joining metal sections using various bolting and riveting techniques
-If you can examine welds for width of bead, penetration and precision
-Expertise in finishing products by cleaning, polishing, filing and bathing in acidic solutions
-Abilities in cleaning and smoothing welds by filing, chiselling and grinding

The Down Under Tradies team at Let’s Go! Global are on hand to manage your Australian Immigration process from start to finish, including applying for any State licenses you may need. They will handle all aspects of your welding skills assessment (apart from your technical interview), ensure the strongest possible Expression of Interest and that your eventual application is given the best possible care and attention for a successful outcome.

The success of the Down Under Tradies team at Let’s Go! Global has meant that we can include a number of trades on our No Visa No Fee Guarantee including welders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and bricklayers.

Do I have to take any more exams to move to Australia as a welder?
As long as you have the right qualifications from your home country and at least two years of experience you shouldn’t be required to undertake and further periods of study.

The mandatory Skills Assessment for Welders doubles as your Offshore Technical Skills Record which is confirmation that you’ve had your credentials verified, that you’ve been through the assessment process and been gifted the equivalent Australian qualifications so that you can start work immediately.

We often receive enquiries from Welders (First Class) who are qualified by experience and for whatever reason either didn’t fully complete their training or Certificates. In this instance the team at Let’s Go! Global will be unable to assist and although the official line from Australian Immigration is that At least 3 years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications the reality is actually quite different.

How to emigrate to Australia as a Welder under code 322311: Metal Fabricator Welder

Metal Fabricator Welders are Eligible for Permanent Residence in Australia
189 Visa: eligible
190 Visa: eligible
489 Visa: eligible

The Sates in Australia that are currently nominating the Metal Fabricator Welder 322311 code are:
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia

What does a 322311: Metal Fabricator Welder do in Australia?
According to ANZSCO you will be classed as a Metal Fabricator Welder if you mark off and fabricate structural steel and / or various other metals to make or repair metal products or structures. The alternative job titles to Metal Fabricator Welder Australia are:

Metal Fabricator
Metal Template Maker
Structural Steel Trades Worker
Brass Finisher

Skills Assessment to emigrate Australia as a Welder under code 322311: Metal Fabricator Welder
As with code 322312 above, Metal Fabricator Welders must have their skills assessed by the TRA before they submit an expression of interest. Just like for other welders the Skills Assessment process is long and complex consisting of both paperwork review and a technical interview (or practical assessment).

The Australian requirements for Metal Fabricator Welder (322311) are and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate IV or and AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on-the-job training.

This roughly translates as wither a UK NVQ Level III with two years of work based training. In France, Germany and Eastern Europe a traditional apprenticeship will most likely have been completed and in Canada and South Africa a Metal Fabricator Welder will be at Read Seal standard.

How to emigrate to Australia as a Welder under ANZSCO Code 322312 Pressure Welder
The third and final specialization for moving to Australia is as a qualified and experienced Pressure Welder.

Pressure welders are in demand right the way across Australia and feature on Schedule One of the Skilled Occupations list alongside First Class Welders and Metal Fabricator Welders.

Pressure Welders are Eligible for Permanent Residence in Australia
189 Visa: eligible
190 Visa: eligible
489 Visa: eligible

Am I classed as a pressure welder 322312 for Australia?
If your day to day general role involves assembling, welding and repairing pressure vessels and pipes then you will likely be classed as a Pressure Welder for Australian Immigration purposes.

Requirements for Pressure Welders moving to Australia are the same as both previous codes above in that you’ll need a foreign equivalent of an AQF Level III Certificate and two years of work based training.

In most cases this is equivalent to the UK NVQ and SNVQ Level III with two years of work based training and elsewhere such as Europe, South Africa, Asia, Brazil, Columbia and the Canada you will have completed a traditional apprenticeship of at least two years).

In order to emigrate to work as a Pressure Welder in Australia you’ll need to go through the mandatory Skills Assessment process prior to lodging an expression of interest. For further information take our Down Under Tradies Free Visa Assessment for an up to date check on your Australian Immigration eligibility.

Welding jobs in Australia with sponsorship
Let’s Go! Global have partnered with some of the leading welding jobs providers in Australia and a selection of latest vacancies can be viewed on Jobs in Australia. However, due to the specialized nature of some welding jobs in Australia many vacancies remain unpublished or only published on one or two jobs sites at most.

Whilst there have been less welding jobs in Australia with sponsorship over the past few years there are still businesses in Australia looking for your skills as a welder although they rarely come with relocation and accommodation provided as a 457 Welder Visa once did.

Take our Free Visa Assessment today for an honest presentation of your Australian Immigration chances, eligibility and pathway for 457 visa sponsorship for welding Australia.

Welder first class salary Australia, Pressure Welder Salary Australia and Metal Fabricator Welder salary Australia are all around the same level with the average yearly earnings for a welder in Australia in 2016 / 2017 being $64,000 AUD per year. As an average this figure obviously doesn’t highlight some of the better paid regions for Welders emigrating to Australia such as Perth in Western Australia.

In order to move to Perth however you will need to do so on the 189 Permanent residency Visa as opposed to talking the 190 Visa route because Western Australia is not sponsoring or nominating welders at this time.

How to emigrate to Australia as a welder with Let’s Go! Global
Deciding to emigrate to Australia as a Welder is probably one of the biggest and life changing choices you will ever make. It is one of the most exciting and adventurous times in your life although is also one full of difficulty, challenge and stress.

We have many collective years of emigrating Welders to Australia and only recruit the best talent globally to assist making our clients dreams a reality. We only take on cases where we are personally confident of a successful conclusion and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are proud of our success rate borne out of diligence and resilience in the pursuit of our client’s migration ambitions.

As well as taking a ‘gloves off’ approach in terms of your Professional Representation our dedicated Down Under Tradies team prides itself on being the friendliest and most approachable in the Migration Industry.

How to emigrate to Australia as a Welder? Take our free visa assessment for some honest, straightforward and free advice about your Australian Immigration eligibility, chances and available pathways.

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