Hammering Out a New Life: How to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter in 2023

Hammering Out a New Life: How to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter in 2023

Hammering Out a New Life: How to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter in 2023

Hammering Out a New Life: How to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter in 2023


Carpenter Australia: Australian Immigration Occupation Code 3312-12

Carpenters are wanted in Australia

We know our first, second and third fix; our shuttering from our framing and formwork and our Cat’s Paw from our Ceiling Joist. Let’s Go! Global have an in house Australia Trades specialist with the skills and experience to help you Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter.

If you are a qualified Carpenter thinking about moving to Australia then you’re in luck. Carpenters and joiners are on the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List for Australia in 2023, meaning that the top tier Australian visas could be available to you and your family.

As a Carpenter or Joiner you’re in the very top tier of skills in demand down under and providing you can meet the criteria to emigrate you stand a good chance of securing a Permanent Residency Visa on either a 189 or 190 subclass.

As a quick guide in order to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter or Joiner in 2023 you’ll need to be able to score at least 65 points on the Australian Immigration Points test and also go through the Skills Assessment process for Carpenters or Joiners.

Calculate Your Points to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter

Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter aged 18-24 = 25 points
Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter aged 25-32 = 30 Points
Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter aged 33-39 = 25 Points
Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter aged 40-44 = 15 Points

English Language Ability:
Proficient : 20 Points
Average : 10 Points
Basic : 0 Points

You’ll need a minimum NVQ level to emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter for which you’ll also be awarded 10 points

Length of Work Experience:
You’ll need to have at least three years on the tools although time spent in training does count towards this overall total.

If you have between 3 and 5 years experience award yourself 5 points
If you’ve clocked up between 5 and 8 years then award yourself 10 points
And if you’re emigrating to Australia as a Carpenter with over 8 years experience add yourself 15 points.

Some Carpenters and Joiners have built up their own businesses or gone into site management or training others. In this instance Immigration class this diversification as ‘closely related’ so don’t worry unduly if you’re no longer on the tools daily.

In total you’ll need 65 points to successfully emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter

If you’re not quite hitting the required 65 point mark from your calculation above do feel free to take our Free Visa Assessment for the full facts. If we can get you to Australia we will!


Add on the following extra points if you’re coming up short:
5 Points for State Nomination via the 190 Skilled Migration Visa

What Visas are available to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter

If you’re scoring 65 points without needing an extra 5 for State Nomination then you could be eligible for the 189 visa. This visa is one of the most sought after in Australia as a Carpenter Joiner scoring 65 Points you could well end up down under on this most desirable of visas.

Read more about the 189 and 190 visa process

The 189 allows you and your family to live and work in Australia without restriction, enter and leave as you please without the need for further visas, access education for children without contribution, sign up for Medicare and access a full range of financial services. The 189 is designed to lead to Australian Citizenship.

If you do need the extra 5 points then the 190 subclass will be the visa route for you. The 190 has the same rights as the 189 although you’ll be expected to live and work in the State that Nominates you for two years initially. After two years you’re free to live and work anywhere in Australia. The 190 subclass is also designed to eventually lead to full Australian Citizenship status.

Requirements to Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter

If you qualified in the UK you’re going to need at least NVQ Level 2

If you’re a South African Carpenter emigrating to Australia we’d be looking at you having Artisan Red Seal Status.

Other regions such as North America and Mainland Europe vary in terms of required qualifications so do get in touch so we can map your qualifications against the Australian Qualifications Framework to see if we can secure a match. Don’t worry, all our initial consultations are free of all charge.

Carpenter Australia Skills Assessment

Your dedicated Carpenter Australia account manager will work closely with you to secure a successful and positive Skills Assessment & we have a 100% success rate with Carpenter Skills Assessments. Simply leave the paperwork up to us and we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for either the practical assessment or technical discussion interview.

This process is mandatory for those looking to emigrate to Australia as a carpenter. Without a successful skills assessment you’ll be unable to even lodge a visa application.

Skills assessment usually takes between 12 – 20 weeks in total.

A positive skills assessment also doubles as an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record). Once you have a Carpenter or Joiner OTSR your qualifications, skills and experience will have been validated for use in Australia and you’ll be awarded the Australian level 3 Qualification listing out your key areas of competency.

There are a few different Skills Assessment companies to choose from to emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter and your account manager will work with you to identify which is the best one to use to match your individual qualifications, experience and skills set.

Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter: Stage One Skills Assessment
Your stage two skills assessment is a paper based requirement where we must send copies of all of your qualifications to Australia, along with substantiating evidence for your identity and experience. The list of documentation required is extensive. Contact us for further information via the assessment below.

Emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter: Assessment Stage Two
The second stage of your Australian Skills Assessment will either be a Practical Assessment or a Skype Based technical interview.

Don’t worry too much about this as your account specialist will make sure you’re fully prepared for either a practical assessment or technical interview.

The overall aim of the Skills Assessment for a Carpenter moving to Australia is to ensure you can demonstrate a knowledge of the following:

Studying drawings and specs to determine materials, dimensions and installation procedures
Ordering and selecting timbers and materials, and preparing layouts
Cutting materials, and assembling and nailing cut and shaped parts
Erecting framework, laying sub-flooring and floorboards and verifying structures
Fascia panels, sheathing roofs, and fitting exterior wall cladding and door and window frames
Assembling prepared wood to form structures and fittings ready to install
Cutting wood joints

Additionally you could have experience of the following although it’s not essential:

Concrete formwork
Repairing existing fittings
Working with plastic laminates, Perspex and metals

Note for joiners: Your skills will be expected to be smaller in scope but more intricate and possibly technical in nature.

Carpenter Australia English Test

Carpenters and joiners embarking on the Australian Migration process with English as a first language don’t need to take an English test as part of skills assessment but are always advised to take the test if extra immigration points are required to qualify for a certain visa; For example if 10 or 20 extra points makes the difference between a 190 and 189 visa class.

Carpenter Jobs in Australia & Jobs in Australia for Joiners

Carpenters and joiners migrating to Australia have good, solid employment prospects provided they’ve tackled the immigration process in the right way. You are currently in demand by employers right across Australia with an average potential of around $83 AUD an hour.

The best time to start the initial carpenter Australia job search is after your OTSR at the same time we lodge your Expression of Interest. This gives plenty of time to familiarize yourself with doing Skype and phone based interviews and to practice your interview skills with an Australian twist

In the current climate it is unlikely that carpenters or joiners will receive the golden ticket of an employer sponsored TSS visa whilst being based offshore (i.e. currently in a country other than Australia).

If you’re a carpenter or joiner with a criminal record you may still have options to emigrate to Australia.

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