Emigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer 2023

emigrate to australia as a bricklayer

Emigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer 2023

Emigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer 2023

If your occupation is Bricklayer then you may be able to emigrate to Australia without needing a Job Offer. Because Bricklayer is on the MLTSSL.

Does Australia Need Bricklayers to Emigrate in 2023?

Yes! Bricklayer is currently on the MLTSSL Skilled Occupations List which means that current demand is strong from both an Australian Immigration and Jobs perspective.

As soon as an Occupation in demand ceases to be so, or if quotas begin to fill up rapidly occupations are red flagged for removal from the list.

After being red flagged an Occupation may disappear from the List altogether and we have also seen instances of Occupations being removed from the list without being red flagged previously.

How Long Will Australia Need Bricklayers to Emigrate?

This scenario happened to Bricklayers wanting to emigrate to Australia a couple of years ago. One minute they were in demand with applications for both 189 and 190 Permanent residency being approved and issued, then the code was removed leaving many Bricklayers facing an uncertain future regarding their Australian immigration.

Many potential applicants had retrained as Bricklayers simply to enable them to move to Australia and had completed programs such as the Silver Trowel in the UK.

Usually when a code is removed from the Australia Migration Lists it does not reappear for a considerable amount of time, leaving dreams in tatters. Bricklaying was different though, it bucked the trend and was re-included onto the list after a relatively short period of time (18 months).

The current code for Australian Immigration as a Bricklayer is: Bricklayer 331111 and can be found on on the MLTSSL, showing that Bricklayers are in demand in Australia.

The criteria is relatively straightforward for those with the right qualifications and the all-important 65 points mark on the Australian Migration Points system in 2023.

Being a MLTSSL Occupation means that the Bricklaying Code is eligible to receive the 189 Visa, often thought of as the most desirable Permanent Residency Visa in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is closely followed by the 190 Visa for Australia which carries the same benefits as the 189 except that you are technically required to live in a certain State for an initial period of two years. After this time you are free to live and work anywhere in Australia the same as the 189 Visa.

Current States Sponsoring 190 Visas to Emigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer 331111

New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia
Northern Territory

Current States Sponsoring 489 Visas for Bricklayer Australia 331111

New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia
Northern Territories

On a 189 Visa Bricklayers do not need to worry about being sponsored by a state.

Bricklaying Qualifications Australia

As part of the Visa application Bricklayers are required by the Australian Government to do a skills assessment. The skills assessment body for Bricklayers will require both lots of paperwork and a technical interview.

Bricklayers Skills Assessment is one of the most labour intensive stages of the migration process which is why we’re on hand to take care of the entire application from start to finish. We simply need the right information from you, supplied at the right time.

Bricklayers emigrating from the UK to Australia should hold NVQ Level three or equivalent. Your NVQ level 3 is the same as the NZ Register Level 4 qualification and the AQF Certificate IV. In certain circumstances the NVQ level two will suffice as long as you can evidence significant work experience. In reality, we prefer clients to hold NVQ Level three.

Bricklayers Immigrating From South Africa to Australia

Bricklayers emigrating from South Africa to Australia should hold TAFE certificate three
And Bricklayers emigrating from Canada to Australia should hold the relevant Red Seal qualification.

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The Skills Assessment process for Bricklayers is divided into three sections.

Bricklayer Australia Skills Assessment requirements

The first stage of your Bricklaying Skills Assessment for Australia is to evaluate your skills set against current benchmarked requirements.

As a general guide please consider the following questions with regards to your experience and don’t worry if you can’t answer yes to them all. Simply take our Online Visa Assessment for a Free Consultation.

Mandatory Bricklayer Australia Questions
Have you experience with masonry veneer buildings.
Can you build cavity brick/block buildings?
Can you build masonry steps, stairs and wing walls?
Can you build masonry walls and corners?
Have you experience with setting up flashings and a damp proof course.
Can you build masonry arches within walls and above columns or piers?
Can you build a specified masonry curved wall?
Have you experience with setting up fire-rated construction units.
Can you prepare a space for building by setting out the boundaries?
Can you set up, test and use levelling devices.
Can you put up and take down low scaffolding.
Have you experience carrying out basic demolition.
Are you ok with handling and preparing bricklaying and block laying materials.
Can you use bricklaying and block laying tools and equipment.
Can you use workplace safety rules and practices in the construction industry?
Have you experience building multi-thickness walls and piers.
Can you identify and understand types of plans and drawings.
Can you work well in the construction industry?
Do you plan and organise your bricklaying work.
Do you communicate well with others in the workplace?
Do you carry out measurements and calculations?

Bricklayer Australia Specialist Questions
Have you ever look into small business bricklaying opportunities.
Have you ever managed small business finances?
Can you lay pavers on level and inclined surfaces?
Can you set up and build glass blockwork to buildings.
Can you build brick fireplaces and chimneys?
Have you build masonry structural systems.
Can you plan, set out and lay bricks to form a decorative finish to brickwork on buildings.
Have you experience building battered masonry walls and piers.
Can you carry out tuck pointing to brickwork?
Can you set in place and fix reinforcement materials.
Can you use explosive power tools for work tasks safely?
Can you install heat-treated concrete items?
Are you ok working safely at heights?
Have you experience of managing small business finances.
Can you carry out concreting to simple forms?

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Stage two Bricklayer Australia Skills Assessment

Document collection. Your Let’s Go! Global appointed Skilled Trades specialist will work with you to create a set of documents that are unique to you and your situation in the industry. There are different document sets required for people who are contracting, self-employed or employed on the books (usually a mixture of all three over a certain period of time.

Stage three Bricklayer Australia Skills Assessment

After the Bricklaying Skills Assessment Authority has approved your paperwork we will arrange your technical interview which will usually be conducted via Skype in a secure and controlled environment. You will be issued with a voucher which you must take with you to the venue, along with your Passport.

Your bricklaying Migration Specialist will make sure you are filly prepared before this assessment and to date we have a 100% success rate with Bricklayers Skills Assessments.

Immigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer without Qualifications

Let’s Go! Global will not represent any Bricklayers to immigrate to Australia if they do not hold the correct qualifications. It is possible to have your Skills Assessed on pure experience alone although we simply don’t recommend it.

Exercise extreme caution when choosing a migration agent or skills assessment assistance specialist who offers to conduct an assessment without you holding the correct qualifications. There will be many hidden costs and charges and you may well be asked to sign up for expensive training courses.

What happens after Bricklayer Australia Skills Assessment
You will be issued with a Bricklayer Australia OTSR (offshore technical skills record) which is an endorsement that all your skills, qualifications and training are valid in Australia. This is the time to kick start the recruitment process whilst your Bricklaying Immigration specialist submits your Expression of Interest through the SkillSelec platform.

Take our online visa assessment today for more information

Although bricklaying in Australia is not classed as a licensed trade we do find that many of our clients who’ve immigrated down under eventually move upwards into building managerial roles and your OTSR will be crucial in securing your building licenses for these types of senior roles.

Employer Sponsored Bricklayer Australia Jobs in Australia

The current regulations surrounding the TSS Employer Sponsored Visa are now very tough on potential employers. It is unlikely you will find a sponsored bricklaying job in Australia who will pay for Visa costs, flights and accommodation.

Bricklayer Australia Migration Requirements

Stage one of the immigration process is to identify 65 points on the Australian Points System 2023. Check our handy migration points calculator and if you have any problems in calculating feel free to take our visa assessment and let our Bricklaying experts do the hard work for you.

Stage two: Choosing a Migration Agent. You don’t absolutely need to choose an Australian immigration agent although we recommend that you do. Choosing a Migration agent is a very personal thing and your appointed agent should understand your role and occupation. Let’s Go! Global have dedicated skills trades specialists who can assist and they have a 100% success rate migrating bricklayers to Australia.

Stage three: Emigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer Skills Assessment (Scroll up if you missed it)

Stage four: Submit your bricklaying Australia expression of interest via SkillSelect

Stage five: You will be invited to apply for Australian Permanent Residency based on the strength of your EOI at SkillSelect.

Stage six: Time for medicals and Police checks

Stage seven: More documentation needs to be uploaded

Stage eight: Your Australian Visas are granted

Can I immigrate to Australia as a Bricklayer with a criminal record ?

This is a very specific part of Australian Immigration legislation. Minor offences won’t count against you such as speeding. Drink Driving won’t usually pose us any problems as long as it is not persistent. Even if you have been to prison you can still potentially immigrate to Australia provided that you are now classed as ‘reformed’ and that your sentence was less than twelve months and one day.

Bricklayers salary in Australia in 2023

Bricklaying salaries in Australia are among the most competitive in the World and made it onto our recent list of the highest paid trades at rates between $89 and 984 AUD per hour.

Bricklayers Australia Salary New South Wales 2023
The average salary for bricklayer is approximately $88 per hour in New South Wales.

Bricklayers Australia Salary Queensland 2023
The average salary for bricklayer is approximately $82 per hour in Queensland.

Bricklayers Australia Salary Western Australia 2023
The average salary for bricklayer is approximately $97 per hour in Western Australia.

Bricklayers Australia Salary Northern Territory 2023
The average salary for bricklayer is approximately $82 per hour in the Northern Territory.

Bricklayers Australia Salary South Australia 2023
The average salary for bricklayer is approximately $90 per hour in South Australia.

Bricklayers Australia Salary Tasmania 2023
The average salary for bricklayer is approximately $88 per hour in Tasmania.

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