Accounting Immigration 2023

Accountant Immigration to Australia

Accounting Immigration 2023

Accounting Immigration 2023

Originally published in 2016 this article has been updated in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and now to be relevant for 2023

There is still demand from the Australian Immigration 2023 program for Chartered Financial and Management Accountants.

It’s not an easy process and the Accountant Occupation Code has been repeatedly flagged for removal from the Skilled Occupations List.

The Accounting Immigration 2023 codes are red flagged for removal due to myriad contributing factors:

Competition is high for Accountants moving to Australia under any of the Permanent Residency Immigration Visas.

Combine this with a recent strong accounting immigration program over the past few years, as well as a slight drop in domestic demand and the reasons for the Accountant 2023 Red Flag become evident.

It is difficult to state with any degree of certainty how long the Accountant Code will remain on the Skilled Occupations List so if you’re a Chartered Financial or Management Accountant seriously considering immigrating to Australia our best practice advice is to start the migration process immediately.

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The occupation has been under review for some time and should it disappear from the SOL it is unlikely we’ll see its re-inclusion anytime soon. Make no mistake, once the occupation is removed immigration for Accountants to Australia will be highly unlikely and require many more convoluted, expensive and time consuming migration pathways.

Accounting Immigration to Australia

Even though the future of Accounting Immigration 2023 to Australia appears to be bleak it’s not all doom and gloom. There are still Accountants being granted 189 and 190 Permanent Residency Visas and we do see this trend continuing.


We will need to work both quickly and efficiently on your behalf and prioritize your case through to Skills Assessment and beyond. A good case will usually take a year from start to finish although if we expedite this with your full support we can have your Permanent Residency Visas granted in six to eight months from the moment we engage (often sooner).

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Demand is still strong for both the 189 and 190 Visa classes, with Accountants being called forward for their visas every few weeks.

As it stands the most up to date situation for Accountants Immigrating to Australia in 2023 can be found below:

Is ACCA Recognized in Australia?

Yes, of course. The ACCA is one of the most recognizable qualifications globally and holders of the ACCA and in fact all Chartered Financial Accountancy Examinations are recognized in Australia and for migration purposes.

Is CIMA Recognized in Australia?

Yes, holders of the full Chartered Institute of Management Accounting Qualification are eligible to use this Certificate to immigrate to Australia. Candidates must have passed the Professional levels of CIMA and hold Chartered Status.

Accountant Immigration Australia 2023 without a Degree

If you don’t have an undergraduate Bachelor degree you’ll be awarded this status by the Accountant Skills Assessment body once they’ve reviewed all your paperwork. International qualifications such as CIMA and ACCA are accepted Worldwide as being beyond undergraduate degree status so it makes sense that those who hold Chartered Status can be ‘technically’ awarded a degree for Australian Immigration purposes.

With no undergraduate degree and Chartered status you’ll be awarded degree status for Migration which gives you an extra 15 points on your overall Immigration Points total.

Accountants Immigration Points Requirement 2023

Accounting Australia is one of the very few specific occupation codes where the Australian Department of Immigration has made a public statement that the overall points requirement is far and above the 65 point minimum for Immigration generally.

Accountants immigrating to Australia 2023 are unlikely to be called forward out of the Expression of Interest pool unless they’re scoring a total in excess of 65 points.

Australia Immigration Requirement for Accountants 2023

Competition for Accounting Immigration places is fierce right across Australia in 2023, with many States placing extra caveats on Migration. Western Australia for example is very keen to attract Qualified Accountants via the 190 Visa class although stipulates that, before the visa can be granted a potential applicant must secure a firm written job offer. Sounds easy? Remember, you’ve only got 28 days in which to secure this employment after notification. Needless to say this is quite an undertaking!

Other States have less caveats in place though, so when thinking about the 190 Visa class it’s important to keep your options as wide as possible, encompassing as many States in Australia as you feel comfortable with.

Australia Points Requirement for Accountants

Whereas most occupations and applicants must score a minimum of 65 points, the Dept. of Immigration has publicly stated that it’s highly unlikely for an Accountant to be called forward from Expression of Interest stage unless they have a minimum of 70 points on the Migration Points System.

There are a number of ways in which Accountants can increase their overall points score. Please take our online visa assessment for more information. It’ll really help us if you can be as full as possible on your answers so we can make best use of your consultation.

Accountant Immigration 2023 Skills Assessment

As well as scoring a minimum of 70 points everyone immigrating under an Accountant code will need to secure a positive Skills Assessment.

Don’t panic! This isn’t a test of your Accountancy skills, you will have done enough exams in your life not to have to take one for Australian Immigration.

As part of your Accounting Skills Assessment you will however be required to take an English test.

English Language Requirement for Accounting Immigration 2023

Whilst there is no requirement to take a formal Accountancy exam for your migration you do need to take an English test. If English is your first language you may find this a little odd, although if you’re from a part of the World which doesn’t use English as ‘lingua franca’ you’ll no doubt be used to these type of tests.

Whilst sitting an English test may not be everyone’s first choice for an afternoon of fun, it does come with some serious and significant immigration benefits. For example, should you score ‘above average’ in your English test you’ll be awarded an extra 10 immigration points towards the 65 needed for Accountants. We find that most Chartered Accountants return a score of ‘Superior English’ for which they’re awarded 20 extra Australian Immigration points towards the 65 they need.


IELTS or Cambridge English Exam for Australia Immigration

As an Accountant you must either take the IELTS Academic test or the Cambridge English Advanced test. We have a dedicated test tutor who we can call upon should you feel the need for some extra tuition although we do find our Accountants score highly in this element of their Skills Assessment.

We find that Accountant clients tend to score better on the Cambridge Advanced English test rather than IELTS Academic although do take a look at some past papers and choose the one that feels best suited to your own English skills and abilities.

Paperwork Requirement for Accounting Immigration 2023

The level of paperwork required to secure a positive Skills Assessment application is significant and to a certain extent will vary from applicant to applicant. As a Let’s Go! Global client you will be expertly guided through this stage. Indeed, we take care of all paperwork so you don’t have to; we simply need the right information at the right time.

Example documentation required for an Accounting Skills Assessment

Evidence of employment
Tax returns
Company returns (if self-employed)
Letter of Good Standing from your Regulatory Authority
Exam certificates
Exam transcript certificates
Evidence of name changes

Please note there is a set format for Migration references and your CV that we need to follow.

Accounting Immigration 2023 Skills Assessment

The team at Let’s Go! Global have a 100% success rate with Chartered Accountant Skills Assessments. To find out how our services may benefit you simply take our online visa assessment today as the first

The largest and most popular Accounting Skills Assessment body is CPA Australia and is the go to skills assessment authority for ACCA and CIMA Accountants. We can’t stress enough how accurate the information supplied to the CPA must be. Remember, the fee is non-refundable and these are ‘for profit’ entities.

CPA Accounting Skills Assessment fee 2023: $520 AUD

A different option is the assessment of the IPA (Institute of Public Accountants Australia). If your application is urgent its good to know that the IPA Skills Assessment has a Fast Track option

IPA Accounting Skills Assessment Fee 2023: $500 standard, $714 for Fast Track

Chartered Accountants Australia is the option to take if you don’t hold an Undergraduate Degree but do hold Chartered Accountant status.

Chartered Accountants Australia Skills Assessment fee 2023: $650 AUD

Expression of Interest for Accountants Australia

It is vitally important that you list out all of your relevant experience and qualifications in your EOI. We are looking to maximize points at this stage, and with it, your visa options. The status of Accounting Immigration 2023 means we need to build out the very best ‘competition-busting’ EOI.

If you score 65 for a 189 Visa then you will be scoring 70 for a 190 visa class

If you score 65 for a 190 visa then you’ll be looking at the 491 because the points boost will take you to the all-important 80 migration point level.

EOI Invitation for Accounting Immigration 2023

Accounting Applicants are selected from the EOI pool regularly with invitation rounds happening every month. Do allow at least a few months for your application to gather traction although if you are scoring 65 points for either the 189, 190 or 495 visa classes we would expect a relatively quick EOI Invitation.

Accounting Immigration 2023 Australia Occupation Ceiling Limits

Occupational Ceiling limits impact the overall points score required by Accountants Immigrating to Australia and the higher the ceiling limit the lower the resulting points score required for an invitation to apply.

2022 saw some major fluctuations in ceiling limits for hopeful accountants planning on emigrating down under and at one point Skills Select reported an 89% increase in the limit. However, this was then later readjusted downwards again.


Accounting Jobs in Australia 2023

Our dedicated Accounting Australia specialists will work closely with you during the immigration process. Our current advice is to wait until you at least have a positive Skills Assessment before embarking on the Accounting Job search in Australia. As soon as this assessment has been marked successful and your EOI lodged the job search needs to begin in earnest, especially given that Western Australia requires a firm written offer of employment before a 190 WA State Sponsored Visa can be issued.

Accounting Immigration 2023 is not without its challenges. Australia has been a very popular destination for Accounting Skilled Migration over the years and based on traditional supply and demand principles the competition for spaces has increased exponentially. Even a few years ago it would be unheard of for an occupation to be singled out for a higher points score than the rest of the Australian Immigration program, but with the 65 point minimum now in place for Accountants it fast became a reality.

With the red flag firmly in place for Accounting Immigration 2023 for Australia we have no doubt that the occupation will eventually close to new immigration applications and remain closed for potentially many, many years.

We have a 100% success rate with Australian Immigration for Accountants and will work with you to expedite the process as much as possible. We are still taking on new Accountant clients and expect to do so at least until the end of 2023, at which point we will review our policy in line with legislation and due process.

Take our Free Accounting Australia Visa Assessment Today to check your eligibility and for further information.

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Title: Accounting Immigration 2023
Author: Richard Large, Senior Associate, Lets Go Global Australian Migration
Contact: @LetsGoEmigrate


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