Teach in Australia With PGCE

Teach in Australia With PGCE

The road to teaching in Australia is a long and complex one, although thankfully you’ll have the Lets Go! Education Australia team handling your case from the start, right the way through to your relocation, Citizenship and everything in between. It is very possible to Teach in Australia with PGCE although there are number of stages to go through before your Australian Permanent Residency can be granted.

We only take on emigration cases where we can be sure of a positive outcome, which means that we regularly deliver good news and bad news in equal measure for those with UK qualifications looking to teach in Australia. This way we can offer our No Visa No Fee Refund Guarantee to suitabley qualified teachers including those who want to Teach in Australia with PGCE.

Why not take our free online assessment by clicking any of the buttons on this page to arm yourself with the full facts. We never use any fancy computer programs and prefer to apply good old professional expertise to each and every potential case. We don’t charge for our consultations and never will so if you’ve been wanting to teach in Australia for a while then you won’t find a better place to be.

Teach in Australia With PGCE – The Facts
Is there a difference between Primary and Secondary Teachers?
Yes, Primary is on Schedule Two of the Skills List whist Secondary is on Schedule One. Both are eligible for Permanent Residency status but Secondary teachers can unlock a slightly more favourable visa class. There’s not much in it though, to be fair.

Are my teaching qualifications suitable in Australia?
Yes if you hold any of the following:
Bacheolrs Degree + PGCE + QTS
Bacheolrs of Education+QTS
Degree in Education + QTS
Degree in Early Years teaching

No, for everything else such as GTP or Degree + QTS without doing the PGCE

Do I have to do IELTS if I have a PGCE?
Yes, the academic version which we will prepare you for and book

How do I register to Teach in Australia with a PGCE?
Your dedicated team here at Lets Go Global will arrange your teaching registration for you. In fact, your teaching registration will be arranged as a direct result of your mandatory Skills Assessment.

Your mandatory Teaching Skills Assessment is effectively a process that matches your UK Qualifications against their Australian equivalents

What Skills Assessment must I do to use my PGCE to Teach in Australia?
As a UK qualified teacher you must have a positive Skills Assessment first, before you can move onto the rest of your application. Don’t worry though, a Teaching Australia Skills Assessment isn’t a formal test, rather a complex decision ready legal bundle of paperwork that we will take care of for you.

Will I earn more if I Teach in Australia With PGCE?
Yes, relatively you will usually earn between 15% and 40% more than your current Salary when you teach in Australia

How long does the process take to Teach in Australia With PGCE?
We have completed the whole process in as little as six months but do allow 12-18 months. Essentially though we can work as fast as you can get the right documentation to us.

What next?
Take our free online teach in Australia assessment by clicking any of the green buttons on this page, fill out the form in total confidence and be as detailed as you can be.

We will then apply our expertise during a free consultation and arm you with the facts you are going to need to make an informed decision about teaching in Australia and the migration process.

Migrate to Australia as a Teacher

Migrate to Australia as a Teacher

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