IELTS For Teaching Australia

IELTS for Teaching Australia

IELTS is the abbreviated term for the International English Language Teaching System and is the World’s foremost English Language assessment test. It was initially designed for to ensure that migrants from specific second and third World countries had a good and measurable grasp of the English Language for their migration to Australia, Canada and the UK.

IELTS has since become the only way by which many professionals can prove their English competence and is accepted by over 8,000 organisations Worldwide. Last year alone over 2 million IELTS exams were sat globally and IELTS is now seen as a valid, reliable and secure barometer of real life ability to communicate in English for immigration, professional accreditation and education.

As you would expect, the Skills Assessment body for Teaching in Australia requires and demands strict English language standards for registration and the IELTS is the generally recognised method of satisfying this requirement.

Q. Okay, so I need to take the IELTS for teachers test. What do I need to score?
A. An score of 7.5 is required across all four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, no score is permitted to be below 7 in reading and writing and no less than 8 in speaking and listening.

Q. Are British Citizens exempt from IELTS?
A. Being a UK Citizen brings no exemption from IELTS. Unfortunately the dilution of the English language across society means that there are no longer many automatic exemptions. It is always easier to sit and pass IELTS

Q. Do I have to do IELTS for Teaching Australia If I already teach English?
A. In most cases, yes. We urge our clients to view it a different way. As an English teacher shouldn’t you be at a distinct advantage already?

Q. What if I fail my IELTS?
A. It happens from time to time – with busy schedules many first time sitters don’t allocate as much study time as they should. Many simply go onto retake and pass the exam with exceptional results. Your Consultant at Lets Go Australia can arrange online IELTS tuition for Teachers migrating to Australia.

Q. IELTS for Teaching Australia – what is the success rate?
A. Whilst every case is unique and different teachers do have (in our opinion) a distinct advantage because of their educational background and profession.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Depending on location between £90 and £135 on average

Q. Is there any limit to the amount of times I can take the test?
A. Theoretically no, although we recommend a maximum of four sittings in any one calendar year.

Q. How do I book my IELTS for Teachers
A. Directly via the Official IELTS Resource

Whilst the above is obviously not an exhaustive Q&A our experts have been through the process with Teachers many times and can offer a detailed synopsis once you become a client. To check your Australian Migration eligibility do take our online assessment to arrange an informal consultation with one of our Teaching Australia emigration experts.

Migrate to Australia as a Teacher

Migrate to Australia as a Teacher

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