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As a Mental Health Nurse in Australia you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact to your Profession from Day One. Our Medical Migration experts will arrange all of your Visas & Nursing Registration paperwork. They will assist with Relocation services and our dedicated Recruitment team will also work to facilitate Interviews for great roles.

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Some 49% of Australians will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. This figure may seem high and World Class research is currently being conducted extensively to assess whether there are any hereditary or external sociological links to this figure. One theory though which is of great relevance to those Migrating to Australia under the Mental Health Nursing Occupation Code is that the acceptance and lack of stigma attached to reporting, diagnosis and treatment means that as a Healthcare sector more people feel comfortable reporting their illnesses and seeking out specialist Medical Intervention.

Mental health nurses in Australia play a vital role in the Healthcare Profession and account for the largest part of the Mental Health workforce in Australia. They lead the way not just in prevention, but also in the planning and ultimate delivery of mental health care.

Latest figures in from 2019 show that one in every 16 employed Nurses work primarily in Mental Health Services. A different way of looking at the figures is to say that 7% of all employed Nurses in Australia work in Mental Health.

Most Mental Health Nurses in Australia work in or around major cities and urbanized areas which does leave much demand in many of the rural areas in Australia; Often this is where the need is greatest and consequently the Australian healthcare Profession is always looking for qualified individuals who are willing to take on some of these more challenging assignments in the Outback.

Emigrating under the Mental Health Nurse Australia Occupation Codes is a complicated process and the Medical Migration team at Let’s Go! Global remain at your disposal throughout the process. You dedicated Migration Expert will take care of the whole process from start to finish. All we will ever need from you is the right information at the right time.

Under the Mental Health Nurse Australia code some strict Immigration Policies apply. We will only represent you if we are certain of your eligibility to Emigrate. We will discuss your situation at length and ensure that you have the right qualification level and experience in place. For some Mental Health Nurses we may advise further CPD or Study or simply to wait until they have more experience. There really is method behind this and we are proud of our 100% success rate Emigrating Nurses to Australia.

Our initial Consultation is both free and friendly; we aim to get to know you and your plans better, we can answer all those burning questions you need answers to and together we can work out the best and most viable Australian Migration Pathway for you and your family (if applicable).

Mental Health Nurses are eligible for the very top tier Permanent Residency Visa; The 189 Visa Class, which allows you, your spouse or partner and any dependent children to:
Live and work in Australia
Come and go as you please
Access full financial services and mortgages
Access Medicare
Your children can go to school without financial contribution
The Mental Health Nurse Visa type is an Australia Permanent Residency Visa designed to lead to full Citizenship and Dual nationality after four years.

Let’s Go! Global are the Mental Health Nurse Australia Experts and will arrange your Visa, AHPRA registration, Employment and Relocation.

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Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

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