Emigrate to Australia as a Midwife

Emigrate to Australia as a Midwife


We wont labour the point, you are on the MLTSSL in Demand list for Australia and your skills are in critical demand.

As a Midwife, you are potentially eligible to make a successful application for Permanent Residency in the 189 or 190 Visa Class.

These visas, known as ‘PR’ visas mean that you and your partner and family can:

Live and Work in Australia without Restriction
Not be tied to a specific employer
Access Medicare & Education
Access Financial Services in the same was as a Citizen

PR Visas are designed to lead to full Citizenship and Dual Nationality after four years, which for most Let’s Go! Global Medical Migration Clients is the ultimate aim and objective.

Am I classed as a Midwife in Australia?
The Australian Framework stipulates that the role of a Midwife contains the following elements:

-Advising and supporting patients during pre-conception, intrapartum, antenatal and postnatal periods
-Care and management of pregnancy and birth
-Assessing progress and recognizing warning signs of potentially abnormal pregnancies
-Monitoring the condition of women and foetuses during pregnancy and labour
-Conducting health education classes promoting the health of mothers and babies such as reproduction, antenatal education, preparation for parenthood and breastfeeding
-Providing advice on nutrition, childcare and family planning
*Clearly the above is not an exhaustive list although does form the minimum day to day activities of a Midwife in Australia.

What is the Salary for Midwives in Australia?
Obviously the salary for Midwifery in Australia varies between the different States and Territories and between Private and Public Hospital or Community settings. The average Salary for a Midwife in Australia is between $51,000 AUD during the first five years after Qualification to $83,000 AUD for those with around 20 years of experience. The following graph shows how experience relates to an increase in earning potential for Midwives in Australia.

Midwife Payscale Australia

Midwife Payscale Australia

How do I emigrate to Australia as a Midwife?
The route to Emigrating to Australia as a midwife is a complex one and we can’t stress enough that it simply *must* be done in the right order.

Please also remember that there are no shortcuts to Migration, no way to speed the process, and despite what is often claimed on unofficial sources you must have your Skills Assessed by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council in order to apply for Nursing Visas for Jobs in Australia.

It is simply not enough to arrange registration with AHPRA / NMBA. This registration is of course essential but it carries no weight when it comes down to the strict Immigration process that’s ahead of you. We have put together a Whitepaper Guide to Skills Assessment for Nurses and Midwives below to give you a greater understanding of the Skills Assessment process as laid down by ANMAC.

Click here for the Let’s Go! Global Whitepaper Guide to the Skills Assessment Process

Here at Let’s Go! Global we have a team of Consultants dedicated to Medical Migration who have successfully assisted hundreds of Midwives in with their Australian Permanent Residency Applications.

Stage One: Midwife Australia
Stage one in the Migration process is to check your eligibility to emigrate. Obviously as a qualified Midwife you have a desirable occupation but the overall Immigration Matrix is dependent on a number of other factors such as age, qualifications and experience.

Fully qualified Midwives are expected to have degree level qualifications so from this perspective it is yet another plus point on the overall points score matrix.

Stage Two: Midwife Australia
Skills Assessment. Your Migration Skills Assessment body is the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council. The process will take approximately 20 weeks and will cost $930 AUD for a straightforward assessment. This fee is payable directly to the Skills Assessment body and is non refundable in any instance so it’s important that you secure a positive outcome by providing all the required paperwork in the correct format at the required time.

Don’t worry though, should you choose to engage our services we will take care of this for you. We never submit an incomplete Skills Assessment application and have a 99% success rate for qualified Midwives at Australian Skills Assessment.

Stage Three: Midwife Australia
As part of the Skills Assessment process you will be required to pass IELTS at the required level. As a Midwife you will need to take the Academic version of IELTS. More information on IELTS can be found here: IELTS. All our Let’s Go! Medical Migration clients have access to two hours of free online IELTS tuition.

Stage Four: Midwife Australia
Unfortunately the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council no longer share information directly with AHPRA so we need to make a separate application to AHPRA to arrange for licensing and registration on your behalf.

Stage Five: Midwife Australia
With both a positive Skills Assessment and your AHPRA registration applied for we will submit your formal expression of interest and then action our internal Medical recruitment teams to work on your behalf to secure roles that work for you both financially and geographically.

Stage Six: Congratulations!
At this stage your EOI is approved subject to medicals and Police checks and our Relocation team will now assist with the logistics of your move.

What Are the next steps?
Why not take our free online assessment as the first step in the process. It places you under no obligation and is a great way for us to get to know you and your dreams a little better.

Click Here For Your Free Medical Migration Visa Assessment

The Midwife Australia team remain at your disposal.

Migrate to Australia as a Midwife

Migrate to Australia as a Midwife

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