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Emergency Rooms in Australia are on the whole well funded and resourced with A&E Nurses forming the backbone of the ER workforce. Many progressive techniques have evolved in Australia and implemented Worldwide. Indeed, some Australian Hospitals were the first to adopt specialist lifesaving techniques like Trauma Foam.

Some of the statistics released on Healthcare services in Australia make for sobering reading. There are an almost equal number of Private and Public hospitals with 746 public hospitals and 601 private hospitals. Obviously given the size of Australia this seems like a very disproportionate number although when one considers the total population of Australia is a shade over 23 million people it starts to take on a new perspective.

Last year for example there were almost 9.7 million patients admitted (roughly 60% to the Public system and 40% to private hospitals). From an A&E perspective there were some 9.4 million emergency services provided by the public system in 2015.

From these 9.4 million visits 75% of patients received treatment within an appropriate time for their triage category and 73% of patients spent less than 4 hours in the Emergency Department

The Medical Migration team at Let’s Go! measure the significance of Australia’s healthcare Globally by the amount spent on them as a percentage of GDP. In Australia 2015 saw spending of some $63.9 Billion AUD which represented just over 3.92% of GDP, or about $3,006 per person. To put this into perspective it is some 39% higher as a percentage of GDP than the UK, France, Germany and many other Developed nations.

A&E Spending in particular has been increasing faster than inflation at an average of 5.8% year on year.

All levels of qualified A&E and Emergency Care Nurses are in high demand in Australia with an abundance of nursing jobs. And, just like the rest of the Nursing specialisms, the code is on Schedule One of the Skilled Occupations List, the ‘SOL’ for 2016. More information on how to move to Australia as a Nurse.

Having a schedule one occupation means that, Prime Facie, you are potentially eligible to apply for the top tier 189 Australia Visa. This Nursing Migration Visa class give the holder the right to live and work in Australia without restriction, holders can enter and leave Australia as often as they require and the rights obviously apply to Partners, Spouses and Dependent Children that form part of the application.

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Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

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