Moving to Southbank Australia in 2023

moving to australia in 2023

Moving to Southbank Australia in 2023


Moving to Southbank Australia as a new immigrant means there are many things to consider before making the move, including finding a place to live, finding a job, and integrating to a new culture.



Here is an overview of the process of moving to Southbank as a new immigrant in 2023


Obtain the necessary visa


The first step in immigrating and moving to Southbank in 2023 is to obtain the necessary visa. The most common visa for new immigrants arriving in Southbank is the skilled migration visa which is available to those who have skills in high demand in Australia. Other popular visas for new immigrants arriving in Southbank are student visas, work visas, and business visas.


Research job opportunities in Southbank


Southbank has a strong economy and job market. Job search websites and online resources can be a great starting point for your research about Jobs in Southbank.


Find a place to live in Southbank


Moving to Southbank and finding a place to live in Southbank is be difficult due to a shortage of property in the area. For this reason many new immigrants to Southbank in 2023 rent a furnished serviced apartment or room for their first few months in Australia to give them time to adjust and find a more permanent place to live.


Learn about the culture and customs in Southbank


Southbank is a multicultural society thanks to the high numbers of Immigrants moving to the area (with many thousands more expected this year) but the culture and customs can be quite different from those in your home country. It’s important to learn about the culture and customs in Southbank before you move to help you adjust to your new home. You can also join expat groups or clubs in Southbank to connect with other people who have gone through the same experience.


Set up your bank account and utilities in Southbank


Once you have a place to live in Southbank, you will need to set up a bank account, get a SIM card for your phone, and set up utilities like electricity and gas. This can be an overwhelming task, but there are many online resources that can help you navigate the process.


Get health insurance


Southbank has a public healthcare system, but it’s a good idea to get private health insurance to cover any costs not covered by Medicare.


Get a Tax Number


As a new immigrant to Southbank in 2023 one of the first things you’ll need to do is get an Australian Tax Number to work in Australia. Your tax number is a unique identification number issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).


Register for the Southbank,Australia Electoral Roll in 2023


As a new Immigrant moving to Southbank in 2023 you may not be able to vote immediately in local or federal elections. However, getting registered on the electoral rile in Southbank will still be beneficial for your credit score.


Enjoy your new home in Southbank


Southbank is a beautiful area with a lot to offer. Take the time to explore your new home and enjoy all that Southbank has to offer.

Key Points for Moving to Southbank in 2023


  • Obtain the necessary visa

  • Research Job opportunities in Southbank

  • Finding a place to live  in Southbank is difficult. Research different neighborhoods and consider Serviced Accommodation from

  • Learn about the culture and customs in Southbank before you move to help you adjust to your new home

  • Joining expat groups or clubs in Southbank

  • Open a Bank Account in Southbank

  • Register for free healthcare in Southbank

Get a Job in Southbank in 2023 as a New Immigrant


Southbank offers a wide range of job opportunities for foreigners and new immigrants. The industries with the most job opportunities in Southbank in 2023 include healthcare, education, engineering and information technology.


Healthcare opportunities in Southbank


Southbank’s healthcare system is one of the best in the area, and the industry is always in need of skilled medical professionals.


Education employers in Southbank


Southbank’s education system is always in need of qualified teachers and educators.




Southbank has a high demand for engineers in 2023.


Information technology employers in Southbank


The technology industry is growing rapidly in Southbank and there is a high demand for professionals with skills in software development and cybersecurity.


Skilled Trades in Southbank


Trades such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters are in high demand in Southbank.

Open a Bank Account in Southbank Australia as a New Immigrant in 2023


Opening a bank account in Southbank in 2023 is a straightforward process:


Research the different banks in Southbank


Southbank has a number of banks to choose from. Research the different banks and compare their fees, services, and documentation requirements.


Gather required documents


You will need to provide a range of documents to open a bank account in Southbank, including a valid passport, visa, work permit, proof of address, and proof of income.


Apply for the account


Once you have gathered all required documents, you can apply for the bank account. You can apply online, or in person at a bank branch in Southbank. Processing times for bank account applications in Southbank can take up to 3 days. Once your account is approved then set up online banking and link your account to a debit card.


Get a BSB and Account number for your Southbank Bank Branch


You will get a BSB (Bank State Branch) and an Account number, which you will use to make and receive payments.

Get a Tax File Number in Southbank in 2023


Moving to Southbank in 2023 you will need a Tax File Number (TFN) issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)


Here is how to obtain a TFN as a new immigrant moving to Southbank in 2023


  • Gather your valid passport, proof of address in Southbank, and evidence of your visa or work permit

  • Complete the application form: You can apply for a TFN online or via post

  • Wait for a decision: Processing times for TFN applications are 3 weeks in 2023

  • Use your TFN to work: Once you have your TFN, you can use it to work in Southbank and pay taxes. Your employer will ask for your TFN when you start working

  • Use your TFN for Tax return: When you file your tax return in Southbank, Australia, you will need to provide your TFN

Get health insurance when you move to Southbank as a New Immigrant in 2023


Getting health insurance in Southbank is an essential step to access to quality healthcare. There are two main types of health insurance in Southbank, private health insurance and the public healthcare system (Medicare). To be eligible for private health insurance, you must be a permanent resident or citizen of Southbank. If you are not a permanent resident or citizen, you may be eligible for the public healthcare system (Medicare) in Southbank. You will need to pay a monthly or annual premium for your health insurance in Southbank. Some insurance providers may offer discounts or subsidies for certain groups, such as students or low-income individuals.


moving to australia in 2023

moving to Southbank in 2023

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