Will I Be Lonely When I Emigrate To Australia

will i be lonely in australia

Will I Be Lonely When I Emigrate To Australia

Will I be Lonely When I Emigrate to Australia

‘Will I be lonely when I emigrate to Australia’ was a question asked of us recently by one of our lovely clients. This particular question struck a real chord with us here at Let’s Go! Global because it serves as a reminder of the very personal element of Australia immigration.

Every day we field technical questions and strive to service our clients in a way befitting our ethos of being the loveliest brand in Australian Migration although this was different, there’s no legal interpretation needed. It’s a very real, personal and emotive feeling.

Every migration case is truly different and unique. No two cases are ever identical yet that aside, clients (and society as a whole) does fit into certain segments and answering questions about feelings of possible loneliness can fit broadly into these different stages of life.

Will I be lonely when I emigrate to Australia with children

Likely not for long, unless you really go out of your way to isolate. Children are the best shared interest and ice breakers around. In your new neighborhood, at school functions, play dates and sports clubs your children will be making friends and integrating into their new lives at a rapid pace as they adapt to their new environment far faster than any ‘grown ups’.

It’s only natural that whilst little people forge their own bonds and friendships that parents are drawn into the parenting social network. We are always amazed by the resilience of children and young adults in coping with immigration changes and if you’re immigrating with your family we’ve put together a guide: Moving to Australia with Children.

We once heard some sage advice; when you move somewhere new you have to go to the opening of even an envelope!

We couldn’t agree more, immerse yourselves, go to all functions, parties and gatherings to which you’re invited even if on a particular day you don’t feel like it. By making the effort you’ll soon have a great social circle; admittedly not all relationships will last forever but you really have to make the effort, especially in the early days after your arrival in Australia.

Will I be lonely when I emigrate to Australia as a couple

In terms of emigrating to Australia you’ll either be Professionals or have great Skilled Trades and even without children should find building out your social networks great fun. Amazing new friendships will be struck through work and do immerse yourself into new societies, clubs, after work diners, weekend barbecues and drinks. And do also invite your partner regularly because Australia is such a sociable place they will be welcomed as well.

Will I be lonely when I emigrate to Australia on my own

Emigrating to Australia on your own is a very brave, forthright and assertive thing to do. No doubt when you’ve discussed it with friends and even family some of them will have thought you mad! The truth is though, deep down they’ll also likely be a little envious of someone with the guts to dust themselves down and go for it.

In many cultures and countries ‘change’ is frowned upon, be that financial change, successful change or even a change of country for the better. Unfortunately those left behind often project their personal negative feelings onto potential migrants with such comments as, “won’t you be lonely” “what if you can’t find a job” “don’t worry you’ll be back soon”, “I give it a year”.

You’ll be just fine. Immerse yourself into your new life, embrace change and the opportunities your decision has created because you deserve it. It’s your reward for taking the risk and the these rewards are usually plentiful.

The answer to the question, will I be lonely when I emigrate to Australia on my own is yes, at some points in the first few months and years ahead you’ll feel lonely, fed up and isolated although its important to recognize these feelings for the may not be borne out of loneliness and isolation, rather homesickness.

Homesickness strikes every type of new migrant to Australia and the coping strategies required apply to everyone.

Will I be homesick in Australia?

Yes! Everyone will, regardless of what support network you have Down Under homesickness will strike and it never goes away overnight! The good news is though, that homesickness does pass and quickly if you use these coping mechanisms:

Use social media a lot in the early days after your move although gradually wean yourself off and spend increasing time out and about over-immersing yourself into new and sometimes uncomfortable surroundings.

There’ll be times when you feel low and think you should never have made the move. Remember this is a feeling and it will pass. Share these feeling with other expats who know what it feels like because you’ll often find when you share these feelings with people you left behind they’ll helpfully suggest ‘returning’. Avoid this advice as much as you can when homesickness strikes. You simply have to see it through.

Push boundaries and learned behaviors and ditch the routine. By mixing up daily life your homesickness and loneliness will pass in no time.

Good times will outweigh the bad. The dream for new clients is a new life in Australia and when you get there you simply have to make the most of every opportunity.

Will I Be Lonely When I Emigrate To Australia

Yes, at times you will so reach out immediately to the many great formal and informal expat networks in Australia. Interestingly these are far more rewarding and fulfilling than the ones you’ll find in Europe.

It takes a great deal of effort, courage and emotions to move to Australia and every expat you meet that’s also a Permanent resident will know exactly what you’ve been through, are going through and are yet to face because they’ve been there and done it themselves.

With the right planning and the right mindset the whole of Australia is yours for the taking. This is what so many have dreamed about for so long, and actually only experienced by so few. Remember when you touch down in Australia for the first time as a Permanent Resident you’re one of the lucky ones. This is an opportunity to take as much or as little of your old life with you, a time for change, adjustment and a little bit of reinvention thrown in for good measure.

Let’s Go! Global often introduce clients to each other (providing both sides agree) at different stages in the Australian Immigration process. We match clients by age, occupation, family situation and gut instinct so you have the opportunity of meeting a fellow new migrant to Australia right from the beginning.

Let’s Go! Global, proud to be the loveliest brand in Australian Migration.

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