Shipping A Cat To Australia

shipping cats to australia

Shipping A Cat To Australia

Shipping A Cat to Australia

If you’re a cat owner one of the most important aspects of your migration to Australia will be shipping your furry feline friend Down Under.

Should you choose to become a client rest assured we’ll look after all of you to the very highest levels throughout the migration process, with your cat being no exception.

When the time is right during the process we’ll make all the arrangements so that a qualified and licensed cat relocation company will take you through the steps needed when shipping your cat to Australia.

It is quite a straightforward process to the Professionals; they do it day in, day out although it’s imperative that the right steps are followed in the correct timeframe.

Cost of moving a cat to Australia

The cost of moving a cat to Australia is approximately $2800 AUD

How long will my Cat be in quarantine in Australia
As long as the right steps have been followed in the right order and in the correct timeframe your cat should spend no longer than 10 days at the Australian Quarantine facilities in Melbourne.

Can I visit my cat whilst it’s in Quarantine in Australia

Yes, of course! The quarantine facility in Melbourne has set visiting hours where you can interact with your cat.

Please don’t bring any toys and again, you’ll need to refrain from placing blankets and toys in the cat export crate because these will be destroyed immediately upon arrival at the cat quarantine facilities in Australia.

Shipping a Dog to Australia
We have a dedicated page for moving Dogs to Australia.

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Remember, if you’re not using a dedicated cat relocation expert you must follow the right steps or your cat may be destroyed upon arrival in Australia. The cost of this will ultimately be charged back to you.

If your cat is being dispatched form the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the UAE or USA it will be classed as a category three export: the best level of cat export you can get!

Your cat must not be currently subject to quarantine rules at time of shipping to Australia
They must not be pregnant
All types of dangerous cat, wild cross breeds or indeed exotic cats are banned. Except for the Bengal cat as long as its five generations removed from the Asian leopard!


Microchip for shipping a cat to Australia
Cats must be identifiable using a microchip that can be read by a Trovan, Avid, Destron or other ISO compatible device.

Rabies vaccination for shipping a Cat to Australia
Cats must have a current rabies vaccination and undergo a RNAT test prior to shipping to Australia.

A RNAT test stands for rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre
Once these tests are out of the way it’s time to apply for your import permit online.

Import permits are valid for 12 months from date of issue and costs $480 AUD for the first cat and $240 AUD for every other cat in the same consignment.

How much is Quarantine for my dog in Australia
Australian Quarantine for your Cat will cost in the region of $1500 AUD for 10 days although they may have to stay longer in case of any complications that require further monitoring.

Vaccinations to ship my cat to Australia
Please make sure that your cat receives protection against Feline Enteritis / Feline Panleucopenia / feline distemper
Internal parasites: nematodes and castodes must be administered 14 days apart at least 45 days prior to shipping to Australia

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Your cat must also be treated with a product that kills ticks and fleas at least 21 days before shipping to Australia

At least 5 days before departure your cat must be certified as being free of ticks and fleas and a Veterinary Health certificate must be issued.

All of the above must be done by a professional registered as an Official Government Regulated Vet.

For more information simply take our Free Online Visa Assessment for Australian Migration.

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