Shipping Dogs To Australia

Shipping Dog to Australia

Shipping Dogs To Australia

Shipping Dogs To Australia

When it comes to pet transport services to Australia our motto is that no one gets left behind, especially our four legged family members!

In fact, there are so many people moving dogs to Australia that a whole industry has grown because of it; The Pet Transport Australia Industry.

We work with a number of pre-selected partners that assist with moving dogs to Australia so you don’t have to do the leg work.

We only work with companies that retain specialist Pet Transport Vets and sometimes these are a little more expensive that standard carriers but we simply wouldn’t have it any other way. The web is full of Pet Transport horror stories!

During your initial consultation with a Lets Go! Global Consultant we will enquire about whether you have any pets that we’ll be shipping to Australia as part of your relocation.

We’ll go through any questions you may have and when the time is right (usually once we have some traction on your Australian Visa) we’ll let our retained Pet Travel Australia Partners know to contact you.

As a client of Let’s Go! Global you won’t have to worry about the details that follow below although it’s good to know what’s involved in emigrating your dog to Australia.

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Cost of moving Dogs to Australia
The main cost of shipping your dog to Australia is calculated on weight. After the weight and size cost of moving your dog has been calculated, you then have the cost of the Vets, regular check-ups on the journey and of course Dog Quarantine Australia at the other end. In most circumstances progress can even be monitored online using our service providers.

Estimated cost of moving dogs to Australia(AUD)
Cost of shipping a Great Dane to Australia: $6,500
How much to ship a Labrador to Australia: $5,800
Cost of shipping a small Dog to Australia: $4200


How much to send my Chihuahua to Australia: We would love to say just pop them into your hand luggage! In reality they’ll cost the same as a small dog.

As a comparison the cost of transporting a horse to Australia works out at $80,000

We have a dedicated page for shipping Cats to Australia

How long will my dog be in quarantine in Australia

As long as you follow all the steps below your dog should spend no more than 10 days quarantine in Australia. If there are issues or complications it may be longer although 10 days is the average. It used to be much longer and take a month so we’re really pleased it’s been reduced.

Can I Visit my dog in Quarantine in Australia
Yes, the Post Entry Quarantine facility is located at Mickleham, Melbourne, Victoria which is where your dog will go for quarantine in Australia.

The Dog Quarantine Australia facility has set visiting hours where you’ll be able to interact with your dog, groom and play with them. Any bedding or toys that are sent in transit with your dog will be destroyed immediately upon arrival in Quarantine so it’s advised that you don’t send anything in the crate except for your dog.

Importing a dog to Australia: A detailed Guide
As a client using one of our recommended providers you won’t need to worry about the following information although if you are emigrating without the assistance of one of our agents then you will need to pay careful attention here.

Your Dog may be euthanized (put down) if you don’t follow these steps. The cost of euthanasia will then be charged to you. Whilst this Policy may seem tough the Australian Government have strict rules in place which must be followed.

Your dog will be classed as a Group 3 Dog Import to Australia if your Country of export (where the dog is being sent from) is on this list:

United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Ireland, All Western European Countries, Trinidad, BVI, USA, Seychelles, South Korea, Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Qatar, UAE, Uruguay.

As a Group three country of dog export you are going to need a valid dog import permit which will contain specific conditions about importing your pet to Australia.

Before starting the dog import process into Australia let’s look the hard and fast guidelines:

Your dog should not be pregnant upon entering Australia

Pure breed dangerous dogs are not eligible to move to Australia and may be destroyed upon arrival in Melbourne. These include: Pit Bull, American Pitbull, Fila Brasilerio, Japanese Tosa, Presa Canario, Perro de Pressa Canario, Dogo Aregentino. Needless to say, wolf dog hybrids and chimeras are not permitted except for Zoos and wildlife parks.

There are no exemptions from quarantine for dogs in Australia

. Although it doesn’t matter if your dog is old, they will still be eligible to move to Australia with you. The same goes for medical conditions.


Microchip for moving a dog to Australia
Dogs must be identifiable using a microchip that can be read by a Trovan, Avid, Destron or other ISO compatible device. If the microchip can’t be read or is recorded incorrectly your dog may be refused entry to Australia or destroyed at your expense.

Your dog must also undergo the following testing and treatment plan which must be carried out by an Australian Government approved Vet of which there are many in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. It may well be worth asking if your current Vet has this approval and if not, they may be able to secure it in time or recommend you to a colleague in the area who is covered by the program.

Rabies vaccination for shipping a dog to Australia
Your dog must have a rabies vaccine that was first given after they were 90 days old, and it must be have been boosted at least every three years.

Your dog must also have a RNAT test prior to shipping to Australia.
A RNAT test stands for Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre. This process must be undertaken between T-180 days and T-24 months (where T represents your dog’s departure date to Australia).

Import Permit to export a dog to Australia.
With the rabies jab and RNAT test results back you must now apply for your import permit making sure its applied for at least 42 working days prior to your dogs intended departure. Be sure to allow at least 20 working days for the processing of the application.

Import permits are valid for a period of up to one year from date of issue and costs $480 AUD for the first pet and $240 AUD for every other pet in the same consignment.

How much is Quarantine for my dog in Australia
Now is the time to book quarantine for your dog which can be done online and will cost around $1500 per dog. However, there are lots of other hidden charges which may occur if your dog needs extra medical care or treatment so do keep this in mind.

Our panel of pet relocation Australia providers also offer insurance to dog owners to cover some of these unexpected costs. Your pet travel policy likely won’t cover you because in this instance you’ll be relocating your dog to Australia and not ‘traveling’.

Vaccinations when moving dogs to australia

As well as Rabies and the RNAT test, please be sure to get the following vaccinations at least 14 days before take-off:
Serovar Canicola
Only dogs coming from the USA need to be vaccinated against Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)
Other treatments needed before shipping dogs to Australia
Your dog must also receive treatment and / or testing at least 45 days before blood sampling for
Ehrlichia Canis
Brucellosis (on desexed dogs)

At least 5 days before departure your dog must be given an internal parasite treatment and have its pre-export clinical check-up.

Planning your departure time for moving dogs to Australia


With quarantine periods being 10 days we always recommend that families (especially those with young children) ship their dogs to Australia 9 or 10 days before they themselves are due to fly.

This way, moving dogs to Australia and families can be reunited when you finally land in Australia yourselves.

Your dog must be shipped in a container that meets the regulations of the International Air Transport Association Category One.

Do remember that Melbourne is the designated airport for your Dog’s Quarantine stay in Australia and is the only place with this facility so you’ll have to visit the center to collect your dog and take them to their new home, maybe via the Great Outdoors for a much needed run in their new country!

Feel free to contact us via our online assessment for further details.

Moving Dogs to Australia with their owners.

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