Overseas Emigration Visas

overseas emigration visas

Overseas Emigration Visas

Overseas Emigration Visas

Overseas emigration to Australia is one of the most challenging, stressful and life changing events. The steps you’re about to take can change the course of your destiny forever, and not just for you, maybe for generations of your family.

It’s one thing to have an idea of overseas emigration, and it’s quite another to actually get the ball rolling to secure your overseas emigration visas for Australia and the process can get a little overwhelming at times.

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What Overseas Emigration Visas are Right for me?

If you’ve an occupation on the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List then you could be eligible for the 189 and 190 overseas emigration visa for Australia. These visas allow you to live and work in Australia without the need for any further visas, they allow you to access medicare, education for children without contribution, access to a full range of financial services and best of all, they convert into Australian Citizenship and Dual Nationality after 4 years (providing certain conditions are met and processed followed).

If you’ve an occupation on the Short Term Strategic Skills List then you’ll only be eligible for the 190 emigration visa class and not the 189. The only difference with the 190 being it carries an element of State Nomination and the nominating State will expect you to live and work in that State for a period of two years. After this two year period you are of course free to live and work anywhere in Australia, just like the 189 visa.

Which Overseas Emigration Visa is Best, the 189 or 190

The 189 Australia Visa is processed at the Federal level, meaning that holders are allowed to live and work anywhere in Australia from day one. With the 190 visa being processed on a ‘local’ State by State basis there may be some extra caveats over and above the requirement to live and work in the Sponsoring State for a period of two years.

Both the 189 and the 190 Australian Visa Classes carry full Permanent Residency Privileges.

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What Other Requirements do I need to secure my Australia Emigration Visas?

Besides having an occupation on either the MLTSSL or the STSOL you’ll need to hit the following criteria:

Be aged under 45 at time of invitation to apply
Score a minimum of 65 points on the Australian Points System
Be of good character
Be in fine medical health
Have a positive Skills Assessment in your Profession, Occupation or Trade

Overseas Emigration Visas to Australia Points System

Overseas Emigration Visas to Australia Points System: Qualifications

Australian Immigration is strict. They ensure that all applicants are suitably qualified in their occupation or profession and verify this through the Skills Assessment process. This verification is then used to benchmark your emigrate to Australia points score below.

Lets Go Global have dedicated occupation experts to ensure we talk your language at Skills Assessment. We know your qualifications and how your technical skills convert into the Australian equivalent.

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PHD = 20 points
Degree = 15 points
Trade Qualification = 10 points

Overseas Emigration to Australia Points System: Length of Work Experience

3 to 5 years experience in the last 10 years = 5 points
5 to 8 years experience in the last 10 years = 10 points
8 years + experience in the last 10 years = 15 points

Emigration to Australia Points System: English Language Ability

Superior English Ability: 20 Points
Proficient English Ability: 10 points
Average English Ability: 0 Points

Emigration to Australia Points System: Age

Age 18 – 24 = 25 points
Age 25 – 32 = 30 points
Age 33 – 39 = 25 points
Age 40 – 44 = 15 points

Overseas Emigration to Australia Points System: State Nomination

By securing state nomination via the 190 visa pathway you’ll secure a further 5 points towards your overseas emigration.

Overseas Australia Emigration to Australia Points System: Partner Skills

If your partner has an occupation on either the MLTSSL or the STSOL, and they’re aged under 45 you could gain a further 5 overseas emigration points by having them secure a positive skills assessment, alongside the positive skills assessment of the lead applicant.

Overseas Emigration as a Secondary School Teacher

Secondary School teachers are in high demand across Australia and feature on the main, MLTSSL list. In order to successfully emigrate overseas to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher you’ll need to satisfy the Australian Immigration criteria above, whilst also securing a positive skills assessment from the AITSL.

Lets Go Global have a dedicated Teaching Australia expert and would be delighted to offer a free consultation to Secondary School teachers looking for overseas emigration visas.

Overseas Emigration with a Skilled Trade

If you’re a highly skilled tradesperson looking for overseas emigration to Australia then you’re in the right place. We have a dedicated Skilled Trades team and we’d love to help secure your Australian visas. Most highly skilled trades are very much in demand in Australia and your skills are highly sought after. It’s not easy, yet providing you can hit the minimum criteria for your overseas emigration visa then chances are, we’ll be able to secure a successful outcome.

What is the minimum criteria for overseas emigration with a Skilled Trade

To successfully emigrate down under with a skilled trade you’re going to need to be under 45 and score a minimum of 65 points on the Australia emigration points system. With that done you can rest assured that you’re likely going to be on the main MLTSSL (medium long term strategic skills list) which unlocks the main 189 and 190 permanent residency visa classes. However, if you’re over 40 it’s more likely you’ll be looking at the 190 with its element of State Nomination and Sponsorship.

What Are The Main Skilled Trades for Australia Emigration Visas


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Overseas Emigration Reviews

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