Nurse Salary Australia in 2023

Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

Nurse Salary Australia in 2023

Nursing Salary Australia in 2023

The average Nurse Salary in Australia is $79.898 AUD and is representative of the absolute average including those at the start of their careers as well as those more experienced nursing professionals. Nursing Salaries in Australia vary based on geographic location, experience, role and qualifications.

We work with some of the major Australian Nursing Employers to place our nusing candidates as part of the Australia Visa process we handle on their behalf. We’ll also take care of the AHPRA paperwork, leaving you free to plan your move to Australia as a Nurse.

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Nursing Salary Bonuses in Australia

Many States and Territories also offer incentives to Nurses who either choose to work in major metropolitan areas such as central Sydney or in regional areas of low to very low population although the following table gives an accurate indication for each end of the spectrum when calculating Nursing Salaries in Australia.

Nurse Salary Australia

Nurse Salary Australia

When it comes to Australian Immigration, nursing continues to be in high demand right across the spectrum whether community or hospital based it’s one of the very best occupations you could wish from going into 2018. Many Immigration applications with nursing occupation codes are fast tracked, especially in geographic ares where there is a critical shortage. For example, we are often asked:

How much do nurses make in Sydney Australia?

The average salary for a registered nurse in Sydney Australia is $81.894 AUD

How much does a nurse earn a year in Australia?

Nurses in Australia enjoy one of the highest salaries, amazing job stability, prospects and benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the average pay for registered nurses at around $33.22 per hour – a figure which is far in excess of the national Australian salary average.

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The current Lets Go Global internal record for a Nurse Emigrating to Australia to receive a formal invitation to apply was three days after submitting an Expression of Interest.

Obviously this was due to a number of external factors such as Australian Immigration points, experience, specialization, occupation ceiling caps and the Immigration algorithm.

Nursing in Australia

Many thousands of qualified nurses make the move to Australia for a variety of reasons, the most popular of which being that Australia has one of the best healthcare services in the World. Would then, a nurse salary Australia differ between those employed in the Public or Private Sector as with nursing salaries elsewhere in the World?

The Australian approach to medicine is to mix state and private care in a system of universal medical cover, called Medicare which means the differences then between public and private nursing salaries in Australia are not as significant as in other countries such as the UK, USA and Canada.

Quality of healthcare aside however, the other main reason nurses from all over the World migrate to Australia is for the Nursing Salary. As highlighted above the average salary for Nurses is among one of the highest in the Country in terms of technical health professions.

In addition to having one of the best healthcare systems in the World with consistently good salaries for Nurses Australia is also a draw from those in the medical and nursing professions for myriad other personal reasons ranging from weather, lifestyle, work life balance, exposure to new techniques, world class CPD, promotion prospects and even, occasionally, for the potential of love.

What’s required then, when moving to Australia to secure a nurses salary?

By far the most popular way for nurses to move to Australia from all over the World is through the Skilled Migration program. The increased nurses salary in Australia is directly indicative of their general place around the top of the most sought after occupations in Australian Immigration.

In order to transfer your nursing skills to Australia through migration on a Permanent Residency Visa you’ll first need to make sure of your overall eligibility to emigrate and secure a Skills Assessment from ANMAC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council).

After you’ve secured a positive Skills Assessment you’ll be required to submit an Expression of Interest to the Department of Immigration.

As well as submitting your Expression of Interest it’s now the time to prepare your AHPRA application to become a registered Nurse in Australia.

From this point its over to the Dept. of Immigration to call you forward and invite you to formally apply for the final stage in the process, your permanent residency 189 or 190 subclass.

After receiving your invitation to apply the Australian Government fees fall due, and afterwards a huge amount of documents are required in addition to your Police Checks and Medical assessments.

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