Migrating to Australia Mistakes

Emigrating to Australia Mistakes

Migrating to Australia Mistakes

Migrating to Australia Mistakes

With each and every year that draws to a close we take some time to reflect on the hundreds of thousands of people moving to Australia for a better life. This massive, life changing process plunges individuals from around the World into a state of panic, stress and upheaval. So stressful is the process that many drop out along the way and draw a line under their life’s ambition for good.

Don’t become one of them. Migrating to Australia doesn’t need to be as stressful as that. Take a look at some of our Lets Go Global Reviews to see the difference between individuals who took the easier, softer way than the ones who end up quitting.

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Let’s Go Global are a real team, of real people and we’re on your side every step of the way. Many of us have personally been through the Australian Immigration process and experienced exactly the same emotional rollercoaster of emotions ending in that of overwhelming delight that we did, after all, make the right choice in moving to the other side of the World.

Click here to meet Becky and Zac who moved to Australia to start a new life together with the help of Lets Go Global who kept a fun and engaging online diary of the up and downs of their Australian migration journey.

As well as the highs of course, come the lows. That nagging voice that wonders if it’s all worth it and whether or not it’ll work out in the end. Especially when confronted by issues and problems along the way which could so easily have been prevented. So with this in mind we’ve put together a handy guide highlighting the most common mistakes most people make when immigrating to Australia.

Migrating to Australia Mistakes
Migrating to Australia Mistakes #1 – Not being thorough with paperwork

Thoroughness! Not a word we hear much of these days except in legal matters. Documentation will be key your migration success. We’ll go as far to say it’s critically important to have all relevant paperwork to hand before you realize you actually need it.

Yes, it can seem tedious and there’ll be many times when you wonder why the Australian Dept. of Immigration can’t employ a bit of common sense! However, paperwork is there for a reason. Even though you know your application is genuine and bona fide, how is the Australian Government supposed to know unless you can physically prove all the claims you’re making beyond all reasonable doubt.

One example of documentation requirements is through the skills assessment process. Every occupation code on the Australian Immigration Skills List has their own skills assessment body.

It’s their job to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you have the right skills, qualifications and experience. In order to pass most assessments you’re going to need to prove and substantiate absolutely everything on your CV including qualifications, transcripts, references, pay slips, identification, maybe even photos of you at work! Whilst this sounds simple, the reality is that it’s very, very tight.

The Partner Visa application is another great example. Because you need to have been in your relationship with an Australian Citizen for at least twelve months to qualify you’ll need to prove this through:

Joint bank statements
Social Media
Sworn statements from family and friends
Lease and lettings agreements
Joint bills
Holiday bookings
Ticket stubs
(And the list goes on)


Migrating to Australia Mistakes #2 – Poor Planning


Poor planning is often simply the result of not doing enough background research into moving and living costs. Be sure that you’re considering moving to the right area before you book your flights although obviously if you’re immigrating to Australia on a state sponsored 190 visa you’ll already be moving to a particular state although those on a 189 visa have more flexibility.

Migrating to Australia Mistakes #3 – Underestimating total cost
One of the most common mistakes people make when migrating to Australia is not saving enough money. When you first arrive in Australia there are so many things that need to be sorted before slipping into tourist mode. First up, finding long term accommodating is key and as a general rule make sure you have at least three months living costs available in cash when you first arrive. Anything over and above this is going to be a real bonus.

Migrating to Australia Mistakes #4 – Getting to grips with the job market
Increasingly, Lets Go Global clients are securing jobs before they land in Australia. We recommend the job search begin as soon as a positive skills assessment has been secured, often a few months into the entire process. This gives enough time for the Expression of Interest to be submitted, a formal invitation to be issued and the visa process to be completed.

Additionally, many states and territories now require applicants to have a formal job offer in place when offering state sponsored permanent residency. A prime example of this is Western Australia.

Failure to get to grips with the Australian job market at the right time can cause problems much later on in the process.

Migrating to Australia Mistakes #5 – Not having a fall-back option
What if it doesn’t work out? It’s important to be pragmatic with any major life changing event and migrating to Australia should be no different. Some people choose to keep a property back home to come back to should things not go as planned. Others who don’t do this make sure they have a firm ‘Plan B’ in place in case of emergency. The key to being completely prepared is to know the potential answer to, “what if this country / area / job / move / doesn’t work out as planned? Where will I move?”

Having a Plan B fall-back option actually provides an increased level of psychological safety and security throughout the early days of your move to Australia.

Migrating to Australia Mistakes #6 – Having unrealistic expectation levels
Obviously you’re going to have a positive expectation and outlook about your move to Australia. For many a successful migration is the realization of a life dream and ambition. However, whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria we need to keep our feet firmly grounded.

The first five months for example are going to be tough, especially if you’re immigrating to Australia with children. The emotional rollercoaster of the migration process will continue, just in a different environment. Homesickness will kick in, questions and doubts will start to gather momentum in your head, especially during those times you’re feeling isolated.

Remember though, life is what you make it. You’ve come this far and faced down many challenges to get where you are and longer term, by keeping the right mental attitude your new life will become easier and happier.

Migrating to Australia Mistakes #7 – Engaging the wrong professional services
To eliminate some of the stresses of migration it’s so very important to engage the services of the right professionals. Let’s Go Global have an enviable 100% success rate with many occupation codes and pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way.

We’ll work out your unique Australia immigration pathway and figure out how to make it fit both your timeline and budget. We’ll take care of all the paperwork, red tape and bureaucracy, and make sure everything goes smoothly.

With something this important, why leave anything to chance?

Why Let’s Go Global?
1. Industry leading success rates
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Where do we go from here?
The first question most people have is, “Can I emigrate to Australia?”

Which is why we offer a free visa assessment that takes no more than 30 seconds

Just click here and fill out the short form. An expert in your occupation will review your case and be in touch with an honest assessment of your Australian Immigration chances.

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