Emigrate to Canada 2023

Emigrate to Canada 2023

Emigrate to Canada in 2021

By far the most open country for Immigration is currently Canada, with more clients than ever applying to emigrate to Canada in 2019 the Country have publicly stated the need for up to 3 million skilled migrants over the next few years.

Once the quote is filled we expect Canadian Immigration to scale back their efforts and for this opportunity to be severely curtailed.

This is the moment in time where there’s a once in a lifetime, multi generational opportunity to emigrate to Canada.

If you’re seriously considering emigrating to Canada then 2019 is the year to make your migration dreams come true.

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Many applicants who have been considering Emigrating to Australia are starting to switch focus, with Australian Immigration becoming increasingly complex and restrictive in scope and opportunity.

If you want to emigrate to Canada you’ll find that not only is it easier (provided you’re eligible), it’s also much cheaper too. In fact, emigrating to Canada for a family of four can be as much as 70% cheaper that immigrating to Australia.

Emigrate to Canada Guide

This guide is written exclusively for those looking to emigrate to Canada in 2019 via Skilled Migration Permanent Residency Pathways.

What Skilled Visas are available in Canada

The Emigrate Canada team at Lets Go Global work alongside our Canadian Immigration Lawyers and ICCRC Consultants representing clients in the following Canada Visa processes.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

This visa is for eligible candidates holding an occupation on the current Canadian National Occupations Code List (NOC List). It allows skilled migrants and there families to Emigrate to Canada as Permanent Residents fro Day One and is designed to ultimately lead to Canadian Citizenship

Occupations eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Visa include, yet are not limited to:
Medical Professionals (Doctors & Nurses)
Social Workers
Finance Professionals
IT Specialists
Marketing & Media
And a whole raft of professional ‘non-trade’ occupations

Click Here To Check Your Occupation is on the NOC List

Canada Federal Skilled Trades Visa

Skilled trades such as electricians, welders, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers and plasterers are in high demand in Canada right now.

If you’re a skilled trades person from the UK, EU, South Africa, USA or Asia we’d love to hear from you. We have a dedicated Skilled Trades Emigrate Canada desk and are uniquely placed in the industry to assist with your Canadian Emigration plans.

The Canada Federal Skilled Trades Visa carries the same rights and privileges of the Canada Federal Skilled Trades Worker Visa (scroll up for more details on this).

Provincial Nomination Visas

The individual Canadian Provinces enjoy a great deal of autonomy from the Federal Immigration program in order to fill skills gaps of importance to their regional economy.

The Provinces of Canada therefore have the ability to Nominate suitable Candidates to Emigrate to their specific Canadian Province and even though the candidates they nominate must be ratified by the Federal immigration Program, these visas provide a superb route through the complexities of emigrating to Canada.

How to Apply to Emigrate to Canada on either the federal skilled trades, federal skilled worker, or provincial nomination programs

Emigrate to Canada Step One

Identify your occupation on the NOC List (scroll up for details) or Provincial Skills Shortage List.

Ensure that you can claim enough Canada immigration points. These emigrate to Canada points are awarded on a sliding scale against the following key migration criteria

Registration with Red Seal / Governing Body
English Language Ability
Spouse or Partner Skills
Previous Work or Education in Canada
Links to a Canadian Province
Employer Sponsorship

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Emigrate to Canada Step Two: Express Entry


Lodge your Express Entry Profile. There are no such things as Express Entry visas… Express Entry is the system Canadian Immigration use to filter and invite applicants to apply for their Federal Skilled Trades, Federal Skilled Worker or Provincial Nominee Visa.

Getting Express Entry lodged is only the start of the process, we need to work hard to get you out of express entry and into one of the immigration programs so you can successfully emigrate to Canada.

Emigrate to Canada Step Three: Getting Through Express Entry

At this stage in your Emigrate Canada project you’re going to need to do a number of things to make your application as string as possible to effectively boost your application through the Express Entry Platform.

Express Entry Boost One: Take your IELTS English exam or French Language Test

Express Entry Boost Two: It’s mandatory to have your educational credentials assessed by an organisation such as WES Canada although we always recommend Emigrate to Canada clients go one step further and have their skills, experience and qualifications formally recognised via Red Seal (Trades), CPA Canada (Accountants) The Medical Board of Canada (Doctors and Nurses).

How do I know if I can get formally recognized?
If your current occupation demands registration with a regulatory or oversight body or professional qualifications in order to carry out your trade or profession there is a good chance we’ll be able to get you formally recognized.

This formal recognition, once secured, will boost you through the Express Entry system and into Canada.

Express Entry Boost Three: Securing a formal Job Offer will also boost an application through Express Entry which is why Let’s Go Global have partnered with the top recruiters across Canada to assist in this part of your application.

Emigrate to Canada Step Four: Receiving an Invitation to Apply

Moving through Express Entry you’ll receive an Invitation to Apply (“ITA”) which is a full offer for a Canadian Visa. The ITA can be best thought of as approval in principle to emigrate to Canada and means that, all things being equal, your Canadian Visas should be granted providing all claims made during Express Entry can be evidenced and substantiated.

Emigrate to Canada Step Five: Advocating Your Canadian Migration Rights

Remember, just because you’ve received an ITA it dosen’t mean you’re automatically entitled to Emigrate to Canada. You still need to complete and satisfy the Canadian Immigration System of your valid claims. failure to do this in the correct manner may (and often does) result in applications being rejected.

Emigrate to Canada Step Six: Receiving Your Canadian Visa

Congratulations, you’re now all set to Emigrate to Canada… just don’t forget your snowboard!

How long does it take to Migrate to Canada

Realistically it should take no more than one year from start to finish.

How much does it cost to emigrate to Canada?

This answer to how much it costs to Emigrate to Canada should be broken down into sections. Firstly, Canadian Government Visa fees for a family of four will be in the region of $2500 USD in total.

Skills Assessment and Educational Equivalence Fees will be in the region of $500 USD – $2000 USD depending on Skills, Qualifications and Experience.

During the Canadian Immigration Process you’ll be asked to demonstrate funds per applicant of the following:

Number of Family Members & Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,669
2 $15,772
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
For each additional family member $3,414