What is required to Move to Australia in 2023

What is required to move to Australia

What is required to Move to Australia in 2023

What is Required to Move to Australia in 2023

As you would expect there are many requirements that you will need to satisfy in order to Emigrate to Australia in 2023

First published back in 2015 we’ve dusted it down and polished it to make it highly relevant when looking at what is required to move to Australia in 2023

The good news is, that for the right people, with the right Skills these requirements are quite achievable. As you’ve probably seen there is no single standout requirement, its more a case that the emigrate to Australia requirements form an overall matrix which you will need to successfully navigate.

Where to start when looking at what is required to move to Australia ?

There are two places to start when working out if you meet the requirements for Skilled Migration. One the one side you have to score a minimum of 65 points and on the other side you need to have an occupation that’s currently ‘in demand’.

Lets start with the 65 point score requirement for Australia.

Age is always a good starting point and in 2023 the maximum cut off age for skilled migration is 45 years of age in terms of the lead applicant and the overall points score can be worked out quite easily but do remember that your age is calculated when you receive your invitation to apply which may take anything up to two years, depending on the current Australian Immigration legislature in force around your specific occupation code.

Age 18 – 24 = 25 points
Age 25 – 32 = 30 points
Age 33 – 39 = 25 points
Age 40 – 44 = 15 points

Education forms a big factor in points requirements. If you have a PHD you score 20 points, for a degree you receive 15 points and with a trades qualification you can claim 10 points.

Those with a Masters Degree fall into a no mans land between degree and PHD and as of 2023 no extra immigration points are awarded for Masters Degrees in any discipline.

Work experience is another Australian Immigration points requirement and you can claim 5 points for between 3 & 5 years experience, 10 points for 5 to 8 years experience and for 8 yrs+ you gain 15 points.

Demonstrating your English language ability can help you boost your overall points score by up to 20 points. This is done by taking a specified English test such as IELTS.

What are the requirements to move to Australia when I have family there?

Having a close family member in Australia or securing State Nomination can also add an extra 5 points towards the overall requirements when looking at the 190 visa class of Permanent Residency.

It’s worth noting that although its a little less popular the 489 Visa Class will add 10 points to your overall points score although this does not instantly give Permanent Residency status.

Great, I’ve Got 65 Points! What other requirements are there for Australian Migration?

Next you will need an occupation that’s ‘in demand’. Check these lists for full details:


STSOL 2023

If you’re occupation is:
IT Professional
Secondary School Teacher
Early Years Teacher
Child Care Center Manager
Community Nurse
(or other skilled trade)

We’d be delighted to hear from you as your occupation is in critical demand in Australia. If not, still do take our Free Visa Assessment so we can see if there’s a match on the Australian Occupation Requirements Lists


Please do bear in mind that sometimes the Australian Occupation Framework might describe your occupation slightly differently to what it is known as in your own Country so do dig into this in a little more detail of talk to one of our Experts by taking a Free Visa Assessment

If I hit the requirements to move to Australia what visas can I get?

If you hit the 65 points Australia Immigration requirement and have an occupation on the MLTSSL then you could be eligible for the 189 or 190 visa. If you hit the 65 point requirement and have an occupation only on the STSOL then you could be eligible for the 190.

What about Financial Requirements to move to Australia?

There are less ‘show money’ requirements for Australia than there used to be although for some states & territories you may need to make a declaration of funds available. These days Immigration is more about what you will be offering the Australian economy not just for the next few months but hopefully for the rest of your new lives Down Under.

Providing you meet the 65 point minimum requirement and you have an occupation on one of the Occupation lists you should have a pretty good chance of a successful migration.

The other requirements for a successful Australian Emigration project are to:
Secure a positive Skills Assessment in your Occupation
Sit and pass your English exam (if applicable)
Lodge an Expression of Interest
Receive an Invitation to Apply for your Visa

Of course there are so many other factors that will come into play such as medical checks and Police background checks. If you are in any way concerned about these or any of the other requirements to move to Australia it might be a good idea to use a specialist migration Consultancy such as Let’s Go! Global.

To conclude though, when looking at what is required to move to Australia by far the biggest is having the right desire, drive and mindset to see your Migration plans through to the end.

There is no quick and easy way to Emigrate to Australia and it is certainly an emotional journey and not without sacrifice. For those with the right ‘can do’ attitude and providing they meet all the requirements then there should be nothing holding them back from securing a new life in Australia.

Author: Beth Jones
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