Easy way to migrate to Australia

easy way to migrate to australia

Easy way to migrate to Australia

Easy way to migrate to Australia in 2023

(first published in 2017 we’ve dusted it down for 2023)

One of the questions we regularly hear from potential clients researching the migration process is ‘what is the easy way to migrate to Australia’ or ‘how easy is it to move to Australia’.

The answer however isn’t always what people are looking to hear.
The reality is that it’s that there’s no easy way to migrate to Australia and if anything, its getting harder with every year that goes by.

Plenty of places online might promise an easy way to migrate to Australia, or tips, guides and advice to make migrating to Australia easy yet the fact remains that moving down under is notoriously tough and most potential skilled migrants have no idea as to the scope, depth and breadth of information that’s going to be required at the outset.

In 2018 for example, the amount of ITAs (Invitations to Apply) issued by the Australian Government dropped significantly. And just as potential skilled migrants were getting to grips with this change Australia slashed the age limit for immigration from 50 years old to 45 years old.

In an instant over 100,000 applications were affected globally. Not content here, the Australian Government then reduced the number of invitation rounds from fortnightly to monthly and incraesed the minimum immigration points score from 60 to 65 points.

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It’s not just paperwork and bureaucracy that you need to be aware of, it’s the emotional toll the migration process takes, in part driven by psychological anxiety. As a potential skilled migrant emigrating to Australia there are so many steps to overcome that once the initial excitement of embarking on the process fades you’ll spend so long waiting for various stages in the full knowledge that you could be rejected at any time.

Over the past year we’ve asked a cross section of clients to feedback on their emigration to Australia as clients of lets go global and as well as receiving some great praise and Lets Go Global Reviews it’s been interesting to hear clients put pen to paper about their real life migration experiences:

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Why is there no easy to migrate to Australia?

Because Australia is one of the most desirable countries on the planet, because they have a strong and dynamic economy, and one of the most diverse cultural ecosystems in the World. It’s simply not a case of what you can bring to the Country, it’s about whether Australia actually needs or wants you and your skills.

Australian immigration: Their Rules, No Easy Way To Migrate To Australia

There’s no wiggle room in Australian Immigration legislation and processes. If they say they want a particular piece of information and the request sounds bizarre (and we’re not saying that doesn’t happen) we have to work on securing that piece of documentation or go to great lengths to explain why it can’t be sourced. Even then, if it can’t be sourced you run the risk of rejection.

It simply has to be this way, Australia grants thousands of permanent residency visas a year, receiving close to 500,000 applications from all over the World. Why should one applicant receive the ‘benefit of doubt’ over another? How can one applicant be excluded from providing the information requested because ‘it seems fair’ and another be penalized and rejected?

Should emigrating to Australia be made easier
If migrating to Australia was easy everyone would do it! Part of the attraction to potential skilled migrants is the fact that Australia are so strict with their immigration policy. The checks and processes are in place to ensure that whilst the Country is very much open to migration it remains the ‘right’ kind of migration. Australia only wants people who are going to contribute to the country and economy with their skills, qualifications and experience.

There are many countries the world over that have replicated the Australian Immigration system such as Canada, and in the words of our clients ‘there are many countries that could certainly learn a thing or two from the Australian system’.

Will using a migration agent make it easy to migrate to Australia
We believe so, agents are there to make your life easier, cut through the bureaucracy and red tape and ultimately secure a successful outcome to your Australia visa application. Even the most diligent web users find navigating the official Australian Immigration Government site confusing and that’s without even beginning to build your own unique case around your individual emigrating circumstances.

Obviously this is a joint effort between you and your choice of agent and whilst we must emphasize that it is an emotional roller coaster of a journey the team at Lets Go Global are here to flatten the bumps, ensure we achieve the milestones and secure a successful outcome.

Put simply, we take care of the hard work for you, leaving you free to concentrate on the fun aspects of starting a new life in Australia.

Are there any easier ways to migrate to Australia than through using Skilled Migration to obtain Permanent Residency?

Marry an Australian!

Over the years we’ve helped many people lucky enough to find love with an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident secure their partner visa. There is still lots of paperwork to be done, although at least with this route you can’t be rejected for having a lack of qualifications, or through not having ‘quite’ the right experience to get through Skills Assessment.

Recently we’ve been delighted to assist Becky & Zac with their partner visa. Unbeknown to us at the time they are also keen bloggers and have been writing about their experiences online. So to see how they’re getting on head over to:

Becky & Zacs Partner Visa Blog
and to find out more about the lovely couple head over to TakeYourMarksGo

Is an employer sponsored visas an easy way to migrate to Australia
A few years ago an employer sponsored visa for Australia could have been viewed as the easiest way to get permanent residency in Australia although the changes to this immigration class over the years have meant that it’s increasingly difficult to find an employer willing to sponsor an individual.

There are now lots of caveats any potential employer has to fulfill before they’re even allowed to sponsor a foreign worker on a TSS visa.

If you’re looking for an easy way to migrate to Australia hopefully this hasn’t dissuaded you from following your heart and migration dreams. We’re here to make life easier throughout the immigration process and beyond and the first step is to take our free online eligibility check to allow us to assess your suitability and options for moving down under.

There may be no easy way to migrate to Australia but Lets Go Global are here to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible for clients.

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