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Australia Business Migration Visas 2023

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Australia Investor Visa

All your questions answered in relation to the Investor Visa Australia Pathway to Permanent Residency and Citizenship.

The Investor Visa Australia belongs in a subclass of Australian Visas referred to as Australian Immigration Business Skills Visas. These visas are available to entrepreneurs, investors, high net worth individuals, venture capitalists and private equity firms looking to establish themselves in one of Worlds thriving economies with close geographical ties to the Asian subcontinent.

The Australian Business Visa subclasses are typically issued to experienced business people enabling them to immigrate to Australia and establish their businesses or invest into other business in Country.

Australia Investor Visa Requirements

Surprisingly, the Australia Investor Visa Requirements are no more complicated than other Immigration Pathways such as Skilled Migration Permanent Residency*. That’s not to say its easy, there are many administrative and bureaucratic hurdles to overcome, although Let’s Go Global have never had an Australia Investor Visa application refused.

Which Australia Investor Visa Is Right for Me?

During your Free Consultation with our Investor Visa expert we’ll identify the most suitable Australia Investor Visa application for you and your bespoke circumstances. As you would expect, the higher the potential investment the more relaxed permanent residency criteria become.

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Australia Investor Visa Types

Within the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa Subclass 188 the following streams are available.

Business Innovation Visa

Aimed at those with business acumen who want to establish, develop and manage an Australian business. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory.

Investor Visa

Aimed at those able to make a designated investment of at least $1.5million AUD in an Australian state and maintain business and investment activity in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory.

Significant Investor Visa

Is for applicants who are able to invest a minimum of $5million AUD into complying investments in Australia. Applicants can be nominated by a State or Austrade on behalf of the Australian government.

Premium Investor Visa

Is for applicants happy to invest at least $15million AUD into premium investments in Australia. Lets Go Global will contact Austrade on your behalf who will then in turn nominate suitable applicants directly on behalf of the Australian Government.

Entrepreneur Visa

Is aimed at those who have a funding line in place from a third party for at least $200,000 AUD proposed to lead to the commercialization of a product or service in Australia. Entrepreneur Visa applicants are nominated by an Australian state or territory.

Business Innovation Australia Visa Explained

The Australian Business Innovation visa is aimed at people with provable business skills and acumen who have the intention of starting, developing and managing a new or existing Australian business. As you would expect there are many stringent criteria and requirements that Business Innovation Visa applicants must satisfy.

Requirements for the Australian Business Innovation Visa

Applicants must be aged under 55 years and score a minimum of 65 points using the following scale.

Australia Business Investor Visa Age Points
Points Age Band
20 Between 18 and 24
30 Between 25 and 32
25 Between 33 and 39
20 Between 40 and 44

Australia Business Investor Visa Points for English Language
Whilst there is no explicit English language requirement for this visa applicants without a functional English result will be required to pay an English Language Charge. Additionally, the following points are available for taking an English language test such as IELTS.

Vocational English (5 minimum in each of the 4 components of IELTS): 5 points
Proficient English (7 minimum in each of the 4 components of IELTS): 10 points

Australia Business Investor Visa Points for Qualifications
Applicants with tertiary qualifications i.e. trades qualifications, diplomas or bachelor’s degrees will receive 5 points as long as they meet the Australian Qualifications Framework If the qualification is relevant to science, technology or business the applicant will receive 10 points. Note: The maximum points score for qualifications is 10 points.

Australia Business Investor Visa Points for Experience in Business or Investment
The Department of Immigration class experience as relevant to the actual visa being applied for. An example being the business innovation visa where direct work experience of business ownership would be classed as highly relevant.

Points Business Ownership
10 4 of the last 5 years
15 7 of the last 8 years

Business Australia Investor Visa Points are available for those who have held eligible investments of at least $100,000 AUD for specified periods of time prior to being invited to formally apply.

Points Held eligible investment of $100,000 AUD for:
10 The last 4 years
15 The last 7 years

Australia Business Investor Visa Points for Net Personal Assets
Points Net assets held for last 2 financial years
5 $800,000 AUD to 1.3 Million
15 $1.3 million AUD to 1.8 million
25 $1.8 million AUD to 2.25 million
35 Over $2.25 million AUD

Australia Investor Visa Points for Business Turnover
Points Business turnover for 2 of the last 4 financial years
5 $500,000 AUD to 1.0 million
15 $1.0 million AUD to 1.5 million
25 $1.5 million AUD to 2.0 million
35 Over $2.0 million AUD

Australia Investor Visa Points for Innovation
Australian Immigration class innovations as registered trademarks, patents, joint ventures and such like according to the details below:

15 points for Registered patents or designs
10 points for Registered trademarks
5 points for Joint Ventures
15 points for Export Trade: where the business has at least 50% of its turnover in exports
10 points for Gazelle Businesses: the business has 20% annual growth for the last 3 years
10 points for Grants or Venture Capital Funding: government grants of at least $10,000 AUD or venture capital funding of at least $100,000 AUD will give eligibility for points

Australia Business Investor Visa Points for Special Endorsement by State/Territory Government

Individual States and Territories can lend their weight to individual applications by stating that the proposed business is of unique benefit and importance to the State or Territory. There are 10 points available should we be able to secure this support.

Let’s Go Global are uniquely placed to broker these arrangements with individual States & Territories should it be required.

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Providing you can score 65 points using the criteria above we can move onto satisfying the other requirements for the Australia Business Investor Visa.

Further Requirements for the Australia Investor Visa

For two out of the four fiscal years immediately before you are invited to apply, you will need to demonstrate ownership interest in a business or businesses with a minimum $500,000 AUD turnover each year. In terms of what constitutes ownership interest the following applies.

51% for business turnover of less than $400,000 AUD per year
30% for business turnover of $400,000 AUD or more per year
10% for a publicly listed company

Additionally, we will work with the applicant to demonstrate an overall successful business career and evidence the genuine desire to continuously own and maintain a managerial role in an Australian business.

Note: If your nominated main business is involved in the provision of technical, trade or professional services you’ll be expected to spend no more than 50% of your times delivering these services as opposed to managing and growing your business.

Once formally invited to apply for the Australia Business Investor Visa you, your partner or combined must be able to evidence total net personal and business assets of at least $800,000 AUD available for transfer to Australia within the first two years of your visa being granted.

Next, we examine the Australia Investor Visa stream. This shouldn’t be confused with the Significant Australia Investor Visa or the Premium Investor Stream because for this visa type we’re still looking to secure 65 points on the above Business migration points test.

Australia Investor Visa (Business) Requirements

Applicants for the Australia Investor Visa must be under 55 years old although an individual State or Territory can waive this requirement if it can be proven the applicant or investment will be of exceptional economic benefit.

Let’s Go Global are ideally placed to broker this age waiver with individual States.

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Australia Investor Visa (Business) Points Test
As above, you must be able to score a minimum of 65 points on the Business Innovation and Investment Points Test.

Australia Investor Visa (Business) Skills and Evidence
We’ll need to work with you to document and evidence a high level of management skill in relation to the eligible qualifying investment to be made. Additionally, you’ll have a minimum of three years direct experience in managing your qualifying business or investment.

Applicants will need to evidence a commitment to continuing your business and / or investment activity in Australia after the original investment has reached maturity.

Applicants will need to declare a genuine intention to live for at least two years in the State or Territory in which the qualifying investment has been made.

Australia Investor Visa (Business) Financial Requirements
Applicants for the Australia Investor Visa must be able to show, for at least one of the previous five years, they’ve directly managed at least one of the following:

A qualifying business with at least 10% ownership
Eligible Investments of at least $1.5 million AUD

Additionally, during the two years immediately before being invited to apply for your Australia Investor Visa you’ll have legally acquired net business, investment and personal assets of at least $2.25 million AUD available for transfer to within two years of the Australia Investor Visa bring granted.

You will be expected to make an investment of at least $1.5million AUD in Government securities using liquid assets accumulated from qualifying businesses and investments and hold these investments for a period of four years.

Notes on taxation for those on the Australia Investor Visa
Income earned from your designated investment in Australia is subject to Australian taxation.

General Notes on The Australia Business Innovation Visa and the Australia Business Investor Visa

1. you must take and pass a medical.
2. and pass a police background check.
3. form 80 must be completed for every applicant.
4. there are no restrictions on business activities as long as they satisfy Immigration and of course once Permanent Residency has been achieved you are free to do whatever you choose.

The first visa granted is a Provisional Business Investor Visa which has the following benefits:

-Immediate family can be included.
-Your spouse cannot start a business under the main applicants Australia investor visa although they can work should this be something they’re interested in.
-Schooling is available should the applicant not decide to educate their children privately.
-Enter and leave Australia at will for the duration of the visa.
-The Provisional Visa lasts four years and three months and is designed to convert to full Permanent Residency after two years via the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888).
-The Business Innovation and Business Investor Visas can be extended once for up to two years giving the visa holder a total of six years to satisfy the criteria for Permanent Residency.

Australia Investor Visa – Significant Investor

Significant Investor Stream Visa for Australia Explained

The Significant Australia Investor Visa requires less criteria than the Business Investor Australia Visa streams detailed above.

The Significant Australia Investor Visa is also known more formally as the Significant Investor Subclass 188. This four year visa is aimed at those willing to make a minimum $5million AUD investment in Australia.

Whilst this visa is initially classed as ‘temporary’ it converts into full Permanent Residency and ultimately Australian Citizenship via the Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 providing you’ve spent at least 40 days per year in Australia on your Significant Investor Visa in the past four years.

In the event that business or personal commitments mean you don’t hit the 40 day criteria this Australia Investor Visa can be extended twice, up to two years on each extension.

Australia Investor Visa – Specific Requirements for the Significant Investor Immigration Pathway

As we move up the Australia Investor Visa hierarchy the requirements and criteria become less onerous whilst the total value of investment needed increases exponentially and nowhere is this more evident than when looking at the age limit which simply doesn’t exist for Significant Investor Visa applications. Additionally, you can apply for this visa either onshore in Australia or be based overseas. If you’re in Australia we’ll need to secure a substantive visa or a bridging visa in category A, B or C.

An application for this type of Australia Investor Visa must be lodged via Skills Select

Once our Investor Visa experts have lodged your Expression of Interest they’ll make direct representation to an Australian State or Territory or AusTrade on your behalf.

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Specific Financial Requirements for the Significant Australia Investor Visa
Applicants must make an investment of at least $5million AUD with the following structure:

Unlike other business migration categories, there is no upper age limit for this type of visa.
For grant of the visa, applicants must make an investment of at least AUD 5 million in a “complying investment”. A “complying investment” for the purposes of the Significant Investor Visa must be made up of:

Minimum $1million in venture capital and growth private equity
Minimum $1.5 million in approved managed funds invested in smaller companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
A ‘balancing investment’ of up to $2.5 million in managed funds that may invest in a range of assets, including ASX-listed entities, bonds and commercial real estate

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Premium Australia Investor Visa

The very top of the Australia Investor Visa pyramid is the Premium Investor Stream aimed at those willing to invest a minimum of $15million AUD in qualifying designated investments.

Unlike the rest of the visas above, the Premium Australia Investor Visa only stays ‘temporary’ for one year before converting into full Permanent Residency and will require our Migration experts to make legal representation to AusTrade on your behalf.

What are the Premium Australia Investor Visa Designated Investments?

Australian securities exchange listed assets
Australian Government debt
Corporate debt issued by an Australian exchange listed entity
Australian proprietary limited companies
Tangible Australian property (excluding residential)
Deferred annuities issued by Australian registered life companies
State or territory approved philanthropic contributions

Entrepreneur Investor Visa for Australia

This visa is specifically aimed at potential immigrants that have the backing of a third party to invest a minimim $200,000 AUD in Australia. The investment can either be used to set up a new entity or expand an existing business to further develop commercial products and services

Who Can Fund The Entrepreneur Investor Visa for Australia?
-Private Equity Firms
-Australian state or territories
-Commonwealth Government agencies
-Research organisations
-Early State Venture Capitalists

At the least 10% of the funding must be drawn down to the venture within the first twelve months. And as a holder of this Australia Investor Visa class you should be able to demonstrate at least 30% ownership of the business.

Lets Go Global have an intricate working knowledge of the technical and legal requirements involved with all types of Australia Investor Visa.

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How to apply for an Australian Business Visa in 2023?

State Nomination
The first stage in your application is to submit an Expression on Interest complete with an investment plan or full business proposal containing an extensive feasibility study which our experts will assist in constructing before making a personal representation on your behalf to one of the Australian States or Territories.

Shortly after this representation your application will usually be approved by the State or Territory and you can expect to receive a formal invitation to apply within sixty days. Note: every stage is a complex legal process which must be 100% compliant.

Lets Go Global usually recommends clients give themselves a six to eight month timeframe to project manage the application to a successful outcome.

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