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Australia Immigration 2023

We’re revealing all the inside secrets that Australia Immigration agents use in your case.

If it ever feels like you’re going round in circles when trying to find out about Australia Immigration this article was written just for you!

With just this Australia Immigration guide at your fingertips you’ll learn the key secrets to a successful Visa application that NO ONE wants you to know.

With this information and the right attitude your application will be done quicker, easier and with the minimum of fuss.

If you’d like us to take a look at your case to see if we can assist we’d be delighted and if you want to go it alone this Australia Immigration article is going to give you the warts and all guide.

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You might need a pen and paper handy because we’re going to be discussing Australia skilled immigration points as well as giving you as much information as possible so you can work out if you qualify for a skilled migrant visa in Australia or whether one of the other visa classes would be more suitable.

If it seems like too much hard work simply take our free online assessment for a detailed and bespoke approach to your personalized Australia Immigration pathway in 2023.

There are so many articles online about Australia Immigration, some right, most wrong and several downright misleading we needed to set the record straight about Australia Immigration in 2023.

We’ve assumed that most people reading this will be looking for information on how to immigrate to Australia from their home country and so the information here is consistent and relevant for the following Australia immigration routes:

Moving to Australia from UK
Move to Australia from the United States
Australia Migration from China
Move to Australia From South Africa

Australia Immigration Eligibility Check

There is one big restriction. If you’re over 45 you’re unable to apply for any Skilled Visa classes.

Australia immigration point scores

Add up your total individual Australia immigration point scores following the guidelines below and if one of you has 65 points or more and the other has less than 65 points then the one with 65+ points will be the lead applicant.

Remember though that if you are both under 45 and can both pass your Skills Assessment then:
If you both score 55 points you will both need to go through the mandatory Skills Assessment Australia process (usually only one has to do this) because by doing a dual skills assessment the eventual lead applicant is ‘gifted’ 5 points because of their partners Assessment result.

Part Two – grab that pen and paper we spoke about earlier!
Now that you’ve found an occupation we need to check our Immigration Points by using the following checklist for the lead applicant.

Age Points for Australia Immigration. /strong>
As mentioned earlier the Australian Immigration rules prevent anyone under the age of 45 from applying for a Skilled Visa. The person aged 45 or over can move to Australia if they are the partner of a lead applicant who fits with current Australia Immigration Policy.

The age ranges are inclusive so if you’re 24 you receive 25 points right up to your 25th Birthday when you move up to the next age point bracket.

18 to 24 = 25 points
25 to 32 = 30 points
33 to 39 = 25 points
40 to 44 = 15 points

The biggest issue here is for those skilled migrants who fall into the 40 to 45 years of age category and please do note that your age is taken at the end of the process not at the start just before your visa is granted. One of the most common questions we hear is “am I too old to emigrate to Australia“.

Your Australia Immigration process could take anything up to two years in the worst case scenario. Usually it is best to allocate 12 months in total. Don’t cheat here! If you’re turning 40 next month for example, allocate yourself the correct points.

If you’re seriously considering immigrating to Australia and you’re approaching an age point barrier that has a significant detrimental effect we would be happy to discuss your options. At this point it is better to think about Professional Australia Migration services in order to minimize the time spent collating your documents and arranging your Skills Assessment. In most cases a successful outcome is still possible but we have to act fast to secure your Australia Visas.

Work Experience Points for Australia Immigration
3 to 5 years = 5 points
5 to 8 years = 10 points
8 years and above = 15 points

As with age, experience will continue to increase over the length of the application, so again, if you are on the cusp of moving up into the next category make sure you are fair to yourself and allocate the right points. For example if you are 6 months away from having 8 years experience move up to the next level.

If you have a PHD add on 20 points
If you have a Degree add on 15 points
If you have a Vocational Qualification relevant to your industry, trade or one that allows you to practice your occupation allocate yourself 10 points.

English Language Ability
English is the Official language of Australia so it comes as no surprise that they award points based on your use of the language.

If you rank your English as excellent allocate yourself 20 points
If you rank your English as above average allocate 10 points
Don’t add any points if you have only a functional use of English.

Please be realistic here. Many Australia Immigration agents will at this stage tell you that you need to have the required extra points for English ability to make you eligible and whilst that’s great, it’s important that clients are realistic about their changes of being able to score the required points above.

Extra Australia Immigration points for State Sponsorship
When you’ve tried calculating your points you maybe coming up with less than 65 points which is where another trade secret comes into play.

Regardless of whether you have an occupation on the MLTSSL or the STSOL list if, at this stage you have 55 points now add on an extra 5 points for State Nomination and Sponsorship because the good news is that you can still usually go for a 190 Permanent Residency Visa.

If you’re coming up short by 10 points i.e. only scoring 50 then do consider the 489 Visa class. It’s not as common and requires you to live in a Regional Area for two years but it does add on a further 10 juicy points to your overall score.

There are other ways to add points such as having a period of actual work experience in Australia or having studied at an Australian University or College and if this is the case do contact us today.

Now you’ve identified 65 Australia Immigration Points, what’s next?
Great, it’s such good news and we’re thrilled for you. It’s an exciting time and you should rightly be stoked right now. With 65 points you are now in the top percentage of people looking to immigrate to Australia in the World!

That’s an amazing way to think of it! Wherever you are on the planet right now imagine that all around you there are people just like you who want to immigrate yet they know they don’t have enough points. Remember though, you may always be eligible to emigrate to Canada instead.

In order to comply fully with current Australia Immigration rules you now need to have your Skills Assessed by a third party body. These third party entities are tied directly to the Australia Immigration system and can be thought of as the gatekeepers to Immigration.

Every profession, occupation and trade on the skilled occupations Lists has their own Skills Assessment body and some Australian Assessment Authorities cover more than one occupation or trade. But how do you find the Skills Assessment body for your Occupation?

Easy, read on…
In the occupation Search table above you’ll see that we included what looks like a code next to each occupation. This code tells you which Skills Assessment body is the one for you and we’ve included their details below:

For most Occupation codes Let’s Go! Global has a 100% success rate and unlike many other Australian Immigration Agents we take ultimate responsibility for your application from the start, from Skills Assessment right the way through to your eventual successful visa application.

We have many years of collective experience with each of the skills assessment authorities listed and as a rule, we simply need the right information from clients at the right time to be able to secure a positive result.

Take our free online visa assessment for more information

Australian Skills Assessment Contacts
Code: AIM
Website: Australian Institute of Management
Telephone: +61 7 3227 4874
AIM Skills Assessment Cost: $550 AUD
The Australian institute of Management is the Skilled Immigration Assessment body for Marketing, Procurement and General Management occupation codes.

Website: VetAssess
VetAssess Skills Assessment cover a broad range of occupations and trades. It is the largest Skills Assessment body in Australia.
Telephone: +61 3 9655 4801
GPO Box 2752
Melbourne Victoria 3001 Australia
Cost: $870 AUD rising to $1500 AUD for some skilled trades that require a formal practical assessment or technical skype interview. Electricians Immigrating to Australia for example.

Immigration Australia Skills Assessment Code: CPAA
Website: CPA Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9606 9677
CPA Australia Address: GPO Box 2820, Melbourne VIC Australia 3001
CPA Australia Cost: $473 AUD
CPA Australia is the Skills Assessment Authority for Chartered Accountants that hold an undergraduate Bachelors Degree as well as their Chartered Status.

If you don’t hold an undergraduate Bachelors Degree take our free visa assessment because we can assist both in your migration and with having Degree status awarded on the back of your Professional Qualifications allowing you to also claim 15 immigration points.

Code: TRA
Website: Trade Recognition Australia
Some TRA codes are sublicensed to VETASSESS and some are handled directly by TRA. If your code says TRA check first on the VETASSESS website above. If it’s not listed on the Vetasess site then TRA will be your assessment body for your Australia Immigration.
Cost: $1000 AUD

Code: ACS
Website: Australia Computing Society
Telephone: +61 (0)2 9299 3666
ACS Australia is for all IT and ICT Australia Immigration codes
Cost: $500 AUD

Website: Australia Nursing and Midwifery Council
ANMAC is the Australia Immigration Skills Assessment body for Nurses moving to Australia. The nursing Skills Assessment can be tough so take a look at how to move to Australia as a nurse. Let’s Go! Global has a specialist medical immigration desk and a 100% success rate moving nurses to Australia.
Cost: $600 AUD

Code: CASA
Website: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASA is the Australia Immigration Assessment Body for Pilots and associated occupations and can be a complicated process
Cost: CASA Pilot Skills Assessment costs just $100

Code: SSSI
Website: Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute
The SSSI is the Immigration Skills Assessment body for Surveyors although some codes are new processed by Vetassess. Feel free to contact us for more information
Cost: $750 AUD

Code: EA
Name: Engineers Australia
Engineers Australia is the assessment body for all Professional Engineers holding Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Engineering qualifications as well as those with Chartered status.
Cost: Allocate between $1,000 and $1500 AUD for your Engineers Australia Skills Assessment

Website: Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
The AITSL is the Skills Assessment body for teachers immigrating to Australia. Let’s Go! Global have a dedicated Teaching Australia desk with a 100% success rate immigrating teachers to Australia.
Cost: $635 AUD

Code: AVBC
Website: Australia Veterinary Board Council
The AVBC processes skills assessment application from Veterinary Professionals looking to immigrate to Australia.
Cost: $455 for a straightforward Skills Assessment. Occasionally these may rise significantly should the assessment body require further testing and for this reason we would recommend engaging the services of one of our senior associates.

Code: AIQS
Website: Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
AIQS is the home of Quantity Surveyors Australia and is the immigration assessment body for professionals liking to move to Australia
Cost: $650 AUD

Code: APharmC
Website: Australian Pharmacy Council
The Australian Pharmacy Council conducts Skills Assessments for Retail and Hospital Pharmacists immigrating to Australia whilst VETASESS is responsible for Pharmacy Technicians. It’s important that your Pharmacy Skills Assessment application is done correctly for if they request further information or any examinations (which shouldn’t be necessary) expect to see the total Pharmacy Skills Assessment fee rise dramatically.
Cost: $1090

Code: DAA
Website: Dieticians Association of Australia
Qualified Dieticians should have their Australia Immigration Skills Assessments done by the DAA.
Cost: allocate around $500 AUD

Code: MBA
Website: Medical Board of Australia
The Medical Board of Australia are a far reaching Skills Assessment body covering all hospital and community based Doctors, Consultants, Surgeons and GPs. We have a medical immigration team focused solely on Immigrating Doctors and Nurses to Australia with a 100% success rate.

A positive skills assessment from the Medical Board of Australia will give you a near certain Australia Immigration application and forms the major part of your local registration to practice.
Cost: Do allocate between $1000 and $2000 but do consult with us as to the various NBA skills assessment pathways available.

Code: AIR
Website: Australian Institute of Radiography
The Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR) has recently to Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) so you may see the more recent code associated with your Skills Assessment.

All radiographers and Radiologists must have their skills, experience and qualifications verified by the ASMIRT prior to lodging an Australia Immigration application visa SkillSelect. All assessments are done on a highly individualised case by case basis.
Cost: $883

Australia Immigration Requirements 2023
As you start the process of having your Skills Assessed for Australia Immigration you’ll notice quite quickly just how many documents are required to prove that you are who you say you are, that you have the right skills, education, qualifications and experience. This is one of the most daunting stages of the skilled migration process and can be one of the most off putting.

One of the most disconcerting aspects of Australia Immigration policy is the realization that Skills Assessment Authorities are, on the whole, commercial entities with a zero refund policy.

If you fail your assessment you must either pay for an appeal or a whole new assessment. Not only does this cost money, but it also wastes valuable time in your application, time which if you are on the cusp of losing age points you simply can’t afford.

One of the biggest causes of confusion in the Australia Immigration rules surrounds Certified Copies of documents. No Skills Assessment body or the Australian Government want your original documentation for the simple reason that it’s never returned. Therefore all official documentation needs to be certified following the guidelines below:

All Australia Immigration Documents should be certified by either a Lawyer, Justice of The Peace, Commissioner of Oaths or Magistrate. Certification, is a process of verifying the authenticity of any document. You should present your original documents ask them to make TWO sets of certified copies, including the certifiers name, address, profession and professional registration numbers.

Each copy of every page of the original document must be certified separately and must show clearly:

the words “certified true copy of the original”
the original signature of the certifying officer
the name and address or provider and the registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature.

When certifying photographs each photo should include on the back
the wording “This is a true likeness of [your full name]”
the certifier’s details
the certifier’s signature and date.

Some Skills Assessment bodies now prefer colour scanned copies of the originals and your Let’s Go! Global Account Director will advise you which route is required.

How long does an Australia Immigration Skills Assessment take?
Each Skills Assessment Authority has their own set of guidelines regarding timeframes and with many you can pay for an ‘express service’ although as a general rule do allow between 12 and 15 weeks for your Skills Assessment to be processed and your results generated.

What Next?
With your Australia Immigration points score calculated and your positive Skills Assessment received its time to lodge your Expression of Interest via the SkillSelect online Portal.

Follow the steps on screen and be sure not to make any accidental false claims. For example, should you say you already have a positive skills assessment, or inadvertently click the wrong Date of Birth your entire application may be severely disadvantaged.

One of the most common accidents at Expression of Interest is not noticing any disparity between your actual length opf work experience and the length of work experience recognized by the skills assessment authority.

The EOI must therefore only display the amount of work experience actually verified and validated by your skills assessment.

At the end of this Expression of Interest submission process you will be presented with your points score and the visa classes available for you to apply for (or at least express an interest for).

At this point your application now goes into a ‘pool’ database of other candidates and the waiting game begins.

Officially this process can take anything up to two years although we have clients who’ve been called forward for the final stage of their Australia Immigration application in as little as three days so do be prepared.

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Jane Njoma is an Australia Migration Agent who has many years of work experience as an Australian Migration Consultant and runs Lets Go Emigrate Australia as a Free Resource for Information on Immigrating to Australia. Jane believes in broader global access to Australian Immigration information and provides the information free of charge and making it available to the greatest number of people worldwide.