Emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor in 2023

How to Emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor in 2023


Being on the Australian In Demand List means you may be able to Emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor without a Job Offer. Many Australian States & Territories have Quantity Surveyor on the Critical in Demand List locally and are standing by to offer State Nomination to Quantity Surveyors emigrating to Australia.


Can I Emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor?


Providing you score 65 Immigration Points and have a Positive Skills Assessment you can emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor. Australian Immigration is not biased towards any region so you can apply to Emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor from anywhere in the World.

With your occupation as Quantity Surveyor then you are currently in demand by employers in Australia.


Quantity Surveyor Australia is an occupation listed on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Those with the right skills and qualifications as a Quantity Surveyor will be able to apply for any of the visas in the Skilled Migration Program (GSM).


What Visas Can I Get to Emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor?


When emigrating to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor you may be eligible for:



These visas allow you and your family to


  • Live and work in Australia
  • Enter and leave without the need for further visas
  • Receive Medicare Cover
  • Access Education for children without contribution
  • Unlock financial services
  • Own property
  • Sponsor other eligible family members after two years
  • Apply for full citizenship and dual nationality after four years


Fill out a FREE online assessment to determine your eligibility


Migrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor


Every occupation on the MLTSSL and STSOL is assigned an immigration code and the code for those looking to emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor is 233213. This is also known as the ANZSCO Code for a Quantity Surveyor.


As you’re looking to emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor you’ll be expected to be able to demonstrate practical Quantity Surveyor Skills, extensive paperwork and membership of your Peak National Body.


UK Quantity Surveyors emigrating to Australia will be members of RICS


Quantity Surveyors from elsewhere will not be expected to be a Member of RICS although will still need the equivalent qualifications.


Skills Assessment for Quantity Surveyors Immigrating to Australia


Quantity Surveyors emigrating to Australia will need their Skills checked and verified by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors with a Quantity Surveyor Skills Assessment.


The AIQS Skills Assessment Process is a Paper Based Assessment. The requirements for this are onerous and include lengthy paperwork, including detailed qualifications, transcripts, and references.


Successful completion at skills assessment is demanded by Australian Immigration as part of the Australia Visa process to emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor, ANZSCO code 233213.


To Migrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor you’ll have experience in these core competencies


A Quantity Surveyor in Australia estimates and monitors construction costs from the project feasibility stage, through tender preparation, to the construction period and beyond.


An applicant wishing to emigrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor will be expected to demonstrate experience in the following:


• determining construction methods, materials and quality standards, and drafting and interpreting specifications, drawings, plans, construction methods and procedures
• organizing and directing site labor and the delivery of construction materials, plant and equipment, and establishing detailed programs for the coordination of site activities
• obtaining soil and rock samples at different depths across sites and testing samples to determine strength, compressibility and other factors that affect the behavior of soil and rock when a structure is imposed and determining the safe loading for the soil
• studying architectural and engineering drawings and specifications to estimate total costs, and preparing detailed cost plans and estimates as tools to assist in budgetary control
• monitoring changes to designs, assessing effects on cost, and measuring, valuing and negotiating variations to designs
• analysing structural systems for both static and dynamic loads
• designing structures to ensure they do not collapse, bend, twist or vibrate in undesirable ways
• assessing present and future travel flow patterns taking into account population increase and needs change
• designing the physical aspects of transportation systems such as highways, railroads, urban transit, air transportation, logistical supply systems and their terminals

Alternative Titles for Quantity Surveyor Emigrating to Australia


  • Building Economist Australia
    Construction Economist Migrating to Australia


Migrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor

Migrate to Australia as a Quantity Surveyor in 2023

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