Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter

Can I Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter


Providing you score 65 Immigration Points and have a Positive Skills Assessment you can emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter.

Australian Immigration is not biased towards any region so you can apply to Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter from anywhere in the World.

Being on the Australian in Demand lists means you may be able to Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter without needing to secure a job offer in advance.


Australia PR Points for Gasfitter Australia


Update for this month: As per the current invitation round results, Australia immigration authority is issuing Invitations to Apply to applicants who have scored 65 points or above points. Therefore 65 points are the minimum eligibility criteria and to receive an invitation currently you’ll need to be scoring 65 points.

How to Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter

With your occupation as Gasfitter then you are currently in demand by employers in Australia.

Our specialist Australia Trades Migration department work with all our Gasfitter applicants. Let us design your bespoke Migration, Recruitment & Resettlement pathway today, with no obligation.

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Gasfitter Australia is an occupation listed on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Those with the right skills and qualifications as a Gasfitter will be able to apply for any of the visas in the Skilled Migration Program (General Skilled Migration).

What Visas Can I Get to Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter

When emigrating to Australia as a Gasfitter you may be eligible for the Skilled Independent 189, the Skilled Nominated 190, the Skilled Regional 491.

These visas allow you and your family to

  • Live and work in Australia
  • Enter and leave without the need for further visas
  • Medicare Cover
  • Education for children without contribution
  • Access financial services
  • Own property
  • Sponsor other eligible family members after two years
  • Apply for full citizenship and dual nationality after four years

Please fill out a FREE online assessment to determine your eligibility, and to discuss the options with a specialist consultant in your Occupation Code.

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Migrate to Australia as a Gasfitter

As you’re looking to emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter you’ll be expected to be able to demonstrate practical gasfitting experience and extensive paperwork.



Skills Assessment for Gasfitters Australia

Gasfitters emigrating to Australia will need their Skills checked and verified by the TRA with a Gasfitter Skills Assessment.

It’s a lengthy process with lots of paperwork, though we are on hand to take care of this for you. Lets Go Global have a 100% success rate with Gasfitters at Skills Assessment.

The TRA Skills Assessment Process is a Paper Based Assessment, followed by a Technical Interview and potentially a Practical Assessment. The requirements for this are onerous and include lengthy paperwork, including detailed qualifications, transcripts, and references.


Gasfitter in the UK without NVQ Level 3 in Plumbing


As a gasfitter in the UK you’ll be on the Gas Safe Register. To be on the Gas Safe Register you need the right qualifications.

In the UK a Gasfitter will likely hold CCN1 qualifications as a minimum. We are happy to confirm that these qualifications are equivalent to an NVQ Level 3 and can be matched against the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


UK Gas Fitter without Apprenticeship


As a UK qualified Gas-fitter on the Gas Safe Register holding the qualifications combined with length of experience means that a formal apprenticeship is in many cases not needed. Indeed, Gas-fitters rarely serve long three of four year formal apprenticeships.


What Gasfitter qualifications are acceptable to Australia


Gasfitters emigrating to Australia from Canada will be required to hold Red Seal Qualifications with or without a formal apprenticeship.

Gasfitters immigrating to Australia from South Africa will be required to hold Red Seal South African Qualifications / Artisan

Gasfitters emigrating to Australia from the United States will be required to hold the Master Plumber / Gasfitter level of qualifications.

Gasfitters moving to Australia from Europe will hold European Standard gas fitting qualifications

Successful completion at skills assessment is demanded by Australian Immigration as part of the Australia Visa process to emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter, ANZSCO code 334114.


To Migrate to Australia as a Gasfitter you’ll have experience in these core competencies


Gasfitters in Australia install, maintain and repair gas mains, piping systems downstream of the billing meter, and appliances and ancillary equipment associated with the use of fuel gases, including liquefied petroleum gas systems. Australian icensing is required.

Emigrating to Australia as a Gasfitter you’ll be expected to show competency in the following tasks:

• studying blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine the layout of plumbing systems and materials required
• setting out and installing hot and cold water systems and associated equipment
• putting in water-based fire protections systems, including fire hydrants, hose reels and sprinkler systems
• designing and installing sanitary plumbing and water supply systems, discharge pipes and sanitary fixtures
• fabricating and installing soil and waste stacks
• assembling and installing mechanical services plant, air handling and conditioning equipment and small bore heating systems
• installing sewerage and effluent pumping equipment and disposal systems
• working on below-ground drainage systems and associated ground support systems
• inputting gas appliances, flues and pressure regulating devices
• fabricating and installing metal roofing, rainwater goods and flashings
Alternative titles and specializations for Gasfitters moving to Australia could be:
• Gas Main and Line Fitter
• Liquid Petroleum Gasfitter

We’d love to hear from you if the above ANZSCO code 334114 for Gasfitter is your current occupation
Feel free to take our no obligation FREE Online Assessment as we think you could have a great chance of Emigrating to Australia.




Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter Explained

How to Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter

Title: Emigrate to Australia as a Gasfitter
Author: George McDonald, Head of Australian Migration @ Lets Go Global

Contact: @LetsGoEmigrate

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free visa assessment
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