Emigrate to Australia as an Actuary

Emigration to Australia as an Actuary

Being on the Australian In Demand List means you may be able to Emigrate to Australia as an Actuary without a Job Offer.


Can I Emigrate to Australia as an Actuary


Providing you score 65 Immigration Points and have a Positive Skills Assessment you can emigrate to Australia as an Actuary. Australian Immigration is not biased towards any region so you can apply to Emigrate to Australia as an Actuary from anywhere in the World.


PR Points for Actuary Australia


Update for this month: As per the current invitation round results, Australia immigration authority is issuing Invitations to Apply to applicants who have scored 70 points or above points. Therefore 65 points are the minimum eligibility criteria but to receive an invitation currently you’ll need to be scoring 70 points.


How to Emigrate to Australia as a Actuary

With your occupation as Actuary then you are currently in demand by employers in Australia.

Our specialist Australia Financial Migration department work with all our Actuary applicants. Let us design your bespoke Migration, Recruitment & Resettlement pathway today, with no obligation.

Take Our Free Visa Assessment for All the Options

Actuary Australia is an occupation listed on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Those with the right skills and qualifications as a Actuary will be able to apply for any of the visas in the Skilled Migration Program (GSM).

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What Visas Can I Get to Emigrate to Australia as a Actuary

When emigrating to Australia as a Actuary you may be eligible for the Skilled Independent 189, the Skilled Nominated 190, the Skilled Regional 491.

These visas allow you and your family to

  • Live and work in Australia
  • Enter and leave without the need for further visas
  • Medicare Cover
  • Education for children without contribution
  • Access financial services
  • Own property
  • Sponsor other eligible family members after two years
  • Apply for full citizenship and dual nationality after four years

Please fill out a FREE online assessment to determine your eligibility, and to discuss the options with a specialist consultant in your Occupation Code.

Migrate to Australia as a Actuary

Every occupation on the MLTSSL and STSOL is assigned an immigration code and the code for those looking to emigrate to Australia as a Actuary is 224111. This is also known as the ANZSCO Code for a Actuary.

As you’re looking to emigrate to Australia as a Actuary you’ll be expected to be able to demonstrate practical actuarial experience and extensive paperwork.

Skills Assessment for Actuaries Australia

Actuaries emigrating to Australia will need their Skills checked and verified by Vetassess with a Actuary Skills Assessment.

It’s a lengthy process with lots of paperwork, though we are on hand to take care of this for you. Lets Go Global have a 100% success rate with Actuaries at Skills Assessment.

The Vetassess Skills Assessment Process is a Paper Based Assessment. The requirements for this are onerous and include lengthy paperwork, including detailed qualifications, transcripts, and references.

Successful completion at skills assessment is demanded by Australian Immigration as part of the Australia Visa process to emigrate to Australia as an Actuary, ANZSCO code 224111.


To Migrate to Australia as a Actuary you’ll have experience in these core competencies


• Analyses mathematical, statistical, demographic, financial or economic data to predict and assess the long-term risk involved in financial decisions and planning. Registration or licensing is required.
• defining, analysing and solving complex financial and business problems relating to areas such as insurance premiums, annuities, superannuation funds, pensions and dividends
• examining financial projections for general insurance companies, finance companies, government and other organisations
• designing new types of policies, assessing risks and analysing investments in life insurance, superannuation funds, health insurance, friendly societies, financial markets and other areas
• formulating mathematical models to simulate processes
• applying models to experimental observations, and adjusting and recasting the models
• using numerical analysis methods to develop algorithms and perform computations
• liaising with management and clients to determine the subject or area to be surveyed or examined
• specifying the data to be collected, and the methodology to be used in collection and analysis
• evaluating and describing the reliability and utility of source information
• analysing and interpreting data, and producing relevant statistics to describe and infer particular trends and patterns

We’d love to hear from you if the above ANZSCO code 224111 for Actuary is your current occupation
Feel free to take our no obligation FREE Online Assessment as we think you could have a great chance of Emigrating to Australia.

How to emigrate to Australia as an Actuary.

How to emigrate to Australia as an Actuary.

Migrate to Australia as an Actuary

Migrate to Australia as an Actuary

Title: Emigrate to Australia as an Actuary
Author: George McDonald, Head of Australian Migration @ Lets Go Global
Contact: @LetsGoEmigrate

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