Getting Your Australian Electrical License in 2023 as a New Immigrant

Getting Your Australian Electrical License


To obtain an electrical license in Australia, you will need to meet certain qualifications and pass a licensing exam. Requirements vary by state, but generally include completing an apprenticeship or traineeship, and passing a technical exam. If you are a new skilled migrant to Australia there is a very clear path to getting your Australian Electrical License in 2023.


As an immigrant, the process for obtaining an A Grade electrical license in Australia in 2023 may vary slightly depending on your qualifications and experience.


The steps for obtaining an A Grade license are:


Meet the qualifications


You will need to have completed an apprenticeship or traineeship in electrical work either in Australia or your own Country, and have industry experience. You will also need to have a valid visa and work permit, and be able to pass a criminal background check.


Pass the technical exam


You will need to pass a technical exam that covers the National Electrical Code and other regulations specific to your state.


Pass the business and law exam


Some states may require you to pass a business and law exam in addition to the technical exam.


Apply for the license


Once you have met all the qualifications and passed the exams, you can apply for the A Grade electrical license with the relevant licensing board in your state.


Keep your license current


Once you have your license, you will need to renew it every few years and complete continuing education courses to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

Will My Australia Skills Assessment as an Electrician Help in Getting My Australian Electrical Licence?


A positive Skills Assessment (OTSR) means that you will have satisfied all of the technical components of Certificate III in Australia. You become exempt from these modules, yet the OTSR doesn’t exempt you from the Australian Context exam.

Understanding the Australian Context for Getting  Your Australian Electrical License


Provisional License for New Electrician Immigrants to Australia in 2023


When you arrive in Australia you will have arranged your Provisional License so that you can start work immediately. This is done through Energy Safety Australia and allows the holder to work towards their A Grade license.


The Provisional License is not limited to any employer supervisor and is designed to allow you to satisfy all the relevant parts of your required Record of Achievement during your first few months in Australia and it is valid for 12 months.


The Australian Context is the minimum requirement for a non Australian trained electrician to receive the A Grade License. When all the units have been successfully completed the full Certificate III in Electrotechnology is awarded.


The context training for new immigrants seeking to become electricians in 2023 involves a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training to prepare individuals for the specific electrical regulations, codes, and standards that are used in Australia.


This training may cover topics such as:


  • The National Electrical Code: This code sets out the safety standards for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in Australia.
  • Electrical regulations and laws: Electricians need to be familiar with the specific electrical regulations and laws that apply in their state or territory, such as those related to electrical safety and the use of electrical equipment.
  • Australian Standards: Electricians will also need to be familiar with the Australian Standards that apply to the electrical industry, including those related to the installation and maintenance of electrical systems.
  • On-the-job training: This will involve working alongside experienced electricians to gain practical experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems.


Timeframe for Australian Context Training

For core units the required hours are a total of 155 and consists of:

  • Apply Australian practices in the workplace: 9 hours
  • Document workplace/occupational hazards and risks in electrical work: 7 hours
  • Apply Australian Earthing Systems and requirements: 20 hours
  • Select Australian protection devices / systems for single and three phase low voltage circuits: 35 hours
  • Select and arrange equipment for Australian single and three phase LV installations: 60 hours
  • Conduct Electrical installation, testing and verification: 16 hours
  • Verify compliance and functionality of general Australian electrical installations: 8 hours


For elective units the required hours are a total of 12 hours and you must pick one of the following:

  • Find and rectify faults in Australian energy supply network equipment
  • Lay and connect for multiple access to Australian telecommunication services
  • Select and arrange equipment for special electrical installations
  • Develop, enter and verify programs for PLC’s using ladder construction set


After you have completed the Australian process then you will receive your A Grade License to be an Electrician in Australia.

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