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Electricians Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment is a third party body, Licensed by the Australian Government to say that you are who you say you are; That you have the right skills, experience and qualifications as an Electrician to enable you to work to Australian Standards.

With this in mind UK, European and North American Electricians do have a distinct advantage. Electrical work in these jurisdictions is tightly regulated and the qualification structure is well established. Electrician Qualifications from these territories convert well into the Australian Qualification Framework and native language skills can also be a distinct advantage at times.


Is Skills Assessment a Test?
There are many stages to Skills Assessment and yes, you will eventually have to do a Practical demonstration. There are only a handful of occupation codes that must still do a Practical Assessment to emigrate to Australia although the fact that they have such a strict process in place is one that actually attracts many highly skilled individuals to Emigrate in the first place.

Stage One: Electricians Skills Assessment Australia
The first stage for new Immigration clients migrating under an Electrical Occupation code is Document Collation. You appointed Consultant will work very closely with you at this stage in order to make sure we have the right information in the right format. This documentation is very important as it forms the basis of your ‘decision ready bundle’ which will be sent to Australia to substantiate and evidence your qualification and experience.

It is important that we discuss each question in turn and answer them honestly. Some questions are mandatory and others are elective. Some of the questions are a little old fashioned such as ‘do you have experience of electrical coils’ and others are a little vague. Don’t worry too much about these as your Account Manager will go through each question with you and explain it fully.

How we answer these questions sets the tone for the rest of your Skills Assessment so it’s important that it’s done correctly.

Stage Three: Don’t get stressed about your paperwork. That’s our job! We will let you know what we need and when. You need different paperwork for different situations i.e. Self employed, Umbrella Company, employed directly.

The Skills Assessment body will review your paperwork in line with your Tradeset and then either reject your application or proceed to ask you to attend a Practical. Don’t worry though, our electrical migration team have a 100% success rate at Skills Assessment.

The most important thing to remember is that with the right qualifications and experience you should be fine. It is unlikely that you’ll need any further training and if you do, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to your practical assessment we’ll let you know where to go, when and what to take with you. We’ll also fully prepare you with potential questions you may be asked.

Migrate to Australia as an Electrician

Migrate to Australia as an Electrician

free visa assessment
free visa assessment
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