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Australia offers several immigration pathway solutions for permanent residency, based squarely on economic demand. Highly skilled workers are still actively sought after in 2021 and an immigration points system is deployed to filter those looking to emigrate to Australia. This is called the General Skilled Migration Program, although there are other

Originally published in 2016 this article has been updated in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and now to be relevant for 2021 There is still demand from the Australian Immigration 2021 program for Chartered Financial and Management Accountants. It’s not an easy process and the Accountant Occupation Code has been repeatedly flagged for

Obviously here at Lets Go Global we’re totally biased towards Australia being a superb place to live and work. However, whilst this lovely Continent can be so progressive in many amazing ways, there are still aspects of society and Government that can, at times, be disappointingly backwards. We were thrilled then, to